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Illegal Savannah cat enters neighbor’s home and attacks their cat

Screenshot from video on YouTube

Cranston, Rhode Island, USA – A Savannah cat of possibly fairly high filial (say f3 – third filial or three generations from the wild) forced his or her way into a neighbor’s home and attacked one of the two female calico cats living in the home owned by Kristen and Peter Cuddy.

The first time the Savannah cat entered their home she got through the window screen. You can see the cat leaving the home via the same window after she had explored the room.

It seems that the Cuddy’s complained to the Savannah cat’s owner who gave them a water pistol to squirt water at the cat if she trespassed again. That, by the way, is not a great suggestion. There was a better way.

Anyway the trespassing feline got into the Cuddy’s home again via an open portable air conditioner duct.

Kristen and Peter Cuddy and their cats and daughter. Photo: Bob Breidenbach/The Providence Journal

At around 9 am the Cuddy’s heard one of their cats screaming. They raced downstairs and saw the Savannah cat attacking one of their cats. Mr Cuddy shouted at the cat and she fled. Their cat was injured with wounds down the side of her body.

The intruding feline was taken by animal control and turned over to the state Department of Environmental Protection because the Savannah is illegal on Rhode Island (RI). This is because the breed is a wild cat hybrid and some states ban wild cat hybrids or the owner requires a license as they would if owning a wild species of animal.

It is interesting that the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians have not endorsed the Savannah cat for the rabies vaccination. As there is no rabies vaccination for this breed in RI the cat’s owner needs to get a permit which in turn requires that the cat be kept in an enclosure like a wild animal.

Comment: the Savannah cat’s owner must be distraught but is the author of his/her own troubles. The cat will be stressed too and that’s due to her owner not doing due diligence in ensuring that the cat was legal or not caring if the cat was legal. The Savannah is intelligent and clearly considered the Cuddy’s home as part of her home range and wanted the cats out. The high filial Savannahs are bigger than the typical domestic cat. F5 Savannahs are the same size. I would hope that the cat is rehomed in a state where she is legal. Otherwise the current owner will have to totally rejig his arrangements for keeping this beautiful. lithe and athletic cat.

Why can’t I have a Savannah cat in my house in Texas?


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