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Illinois reopens its first bobcat hunt in more than 40 years — 6 Comments

  1. In an article put out by the State of Illinois it stated that the population was stable at 3000 and the issued 500 tags. Even allowing for a hunt that seems excessive for the reported population. Northern areas were listed as off limits.
    Bobcats are rodent/rabbit eaters and usually only become a problem with poor human management of small pets, small livestock and garbage. Considering the dwindling population in some areas relocation might be the better option here.
    Like it or not once in a while predators reach into urban areas where they may cause problems. They are simply looking for territory and resources. The use of wildlife corridors can ease such issues while protecting humans and the animals by allowing them to migrate so safer less populated areas.

  2. If manipulative questions posed on opinion-polls were any kind of certified and concrete indication of votes then Trump wouldn’t be president. Just like everyone claims TNR is wanted by over 80% of the population. Sure, when you read the opinion-poll questions that they asked everyone, they had no choice but to agree with TNR. But ask the same questions telling everyone of all the destruction cats cause, the diseases they spread, and how many species have been driven to extinction by outdoor cats, and also add-in all the inhumane ways that every last TNR cat dies; then the poll results would be 99% against TNR. But that’s already reflected in just how much of the population on Facebook “likes” TNR. Less than 0.003% of the population anywhere in the world has “liked” the concept of TNR on Facebook. There’s your TRUE opinion-poll of TNR.

      • I’m sure that everyone now respects you for claiming to speak for everyone else in the world. Psychotic egomaniac much? Maybe it’s just those Toxoplasma gondii brain-hijacking parasites that are talking for you. That would explain everything.

  3. Officials allow them to make a comeback just to be killed off.
    I don’t understand the mindset of these hunters. Cats are killed for no reason. They’re not a food source nor a threat. I just don’t get it.

    • Yes, Dee, humans ensure that they recover population size (they think) and then start killing them again. For me it is sick human behavior.

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