I’m A Cat Mom

by Elly
(Vienna, Va, USA)

We have feral cats in our area.. A few of my neighbors take care of them and feed them.

My husband and I feed 2 ferals…There were 3 not to long ago, but the older guy was sick, very sick…The last time I saw him he kissed my foot, never did that before, and I believe he was saying thank you to us.

The other two guys still live on our deck, or in the garage (we leave it open just a little so they can keep warm and dry in the winter).

One of them, who we call Big Baby or Rodney comes into the house for most of the day and sleeps. He is extremely intelligent and so very well mannered.

We would like him to live with us, but he takes care of Momma the second cat. She is very sweet but is to afraid to come in. She did once or twice but felt uncomfortable.

I leave food in the front of the house for her and Big Baby and I also have food inside for Big Baby for the hours he hangs out with us inside. I guess I have spoiled them, because all they like is Friskies…and only fish and the dry food is also a mixture of fish.

We couldn’t love them more then we do and wish as long as there are feral cats out there they all get the same treatment…

TNR does work…



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Feb 11, 2011 Feral Cats
by: Lindy Fellober

Bless you for looking after these dear animals. You made my day. I have one here we have called Simba. He has actually been abandoned twice. When I get back in my home I will bring him. For the moment we are waiting for our rented home to be restored since our fire on Dec. 11, 2010 in which we lost our whole pet family, that has been difficult. Since we are staying with someone else until we get back in I can’t take Simba in yet. The other little one, we called Smoky was also going to be brought but the last time we saw him he was sitting on my friends porch and we haven’t seen him since and I believe he may have passed away, sad to say, dear little soul. Simba has carriers set up for, food, soft and dry and treats so we are doing our best for him as it stands.

Feb 11, 2011 Hi, Mom!
by: Anna

Hello, Cat Mom:

So nice to hear your story. I think this unconditional care makes not only cats, but also us, humans, better living things. The only concern I have: did you check to see if anyone of your new “campers” is neutered or spayed? May be just in case there is a way to take them to a vet, one at a time, to make sure they don’t go ahead and make more little furry homeless babies.

Not all the people are as kind,and not all the ferals are as lucky.

All the best to your kitties and your kind heart.

Feb 11, 2011 To Elly
by: Ruth

How refreshing it is to read of the kindness of people like you and your neighbours.

So many others chase feral cats away, sometimes even kill them and that is dreadful because people cause the problem in the first place by abandoning cats.

Rodney and Momma obviously trust you a lot but most ferals are happier outside. I was sad to read about the older guy who came to thank you before he died.

Your compassionate story has really cheered up a gloomy day for me, thank you.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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Feb 10, 2011 Cat Mom
by: Michael

Thanks for sharing your story Elly. Cat mom’s probably save the lives of millions of feral cats every year. You are a great hidden resource doing good work. The feral cat needs more of you.

Michael Avatar

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