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I’m a firm believer in the internet being good for cats — 9 Comments

  1. “cats are smaller than the majority of family dogs, and things like dehydration and starvation affect their organs faster.”

    Very well said, TRUE

    Thank you for sharing this article with us <3 🙂

      • I just remember how paniced I would get back in the day when all I had as a reference was a cat book that only touched base on cat illness, health. Cat owners are great at passing along tips online. I know cat advocate Ash Truesday has save a few of hours with her advice. She’s a bottle baby expert.

        • Elisa, I would love to know this bottle baby expert.
          So many times, I have had newborns without mamas dumped on my deck and I have failed to keep them alive. I can’t seem to be able to bottle feed.
          Do you think I could contact her the next time this may happen?

          • She lives on Facebook. Just look up Ash Truesdale. Laura is great at keeping kick cats alive now. She just keeps syringing KMR milk and A/D Critical Care food.

  2. OOpsie! In the product section I meant to say I DO want the opinion of other cat owners on the toys, food, etc. I’m thinnking about buying for our cats. The toys especially don’t live up to the perfect image the advertising department claims 🙂

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