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  1. I am a cat toy, a cat bed, a cat climbing post and a meal dispenser; they find me endlessly entertaining. But rough play and scratching are reserved for stuffed toys and scratching posts (and rough and tumble among the cats themselves). If I get nipped or scratched deliberately, I know there is a problem (last time it Batman’s abscess making him grouchy).

    • We know how cats are attracted to you. It’s funny how cats know when a person likes cats. That’s what I think. I’m sure quite a lot of people play rough with their cat but in a way whereby they get scratched and then they blame the cat. It’s about common sense. Your cats couldn’t have a better caretaker. They don’t know the name of the person who is looking after them. If they did they’d probably treat you with the utmost respect 😉 .

      I hope that you are okay and I wish you a very pleasant Christmas and happiness and prosperity in the New Year.

  2. LOL Cat People !
    We have Four Main Coon cats, raised from birth. Although they instinctually scratch and bite or nibble; We have never allowed them to form this habit on us. When they each started to express their play acting or sometimes distrust we gave them a toy or leather string or kitty toys as a diversion right away. All of them are over 10yrs. now and do not act out on our skin, body, legs or face. which is a good thing because some of them are big cats now. You must give them a replacement and at the same time make it fun for them and think it was their idea to begin with ***This takes a lot of LOVE***They will return kindness and understanding with the same amount that they are given. Never scold a cat____EVER__This can destroy them emotionally and as pets for a Lifetime.

    Be patient and read your cats body motions, sounds and expressions ? YES-Cats do have expressions. Good Luck.
    P.S.-I am proud to say that they have all their ferocious claws >INTACT< and can defend themselves if the need arises. I admire them and respect them. Eva D.R.Force

  3. Actually there are different point of views of OWNERS OF CATS.

    Some believe that the cat should leave on its natural instinct and if it scratch on the owner, it does not matter at all, some bite their owners.

    The behavior is the most important during the taming process. The taming process needs to be not much quicker to introduce these cat trees, though these toys or trees are most essential for a cat at different stages and ages.

    I don’t believe that during the taming process every toy must be allowed. Specially those toys that promotes the scratching behavior (which is a natural cat behavior) must be avoided and the cat must learn to scratch only on a scratch post.

    In my view, a cat is very intelligent animal (pet) and she is faithful to the owner, but what about other human beings e.g. guests and any outsider????

    If the cat learns to scratch the owner, means it will do the same to anyone. So, important is every toy but according to the stages of taming points which are different. It is like -18 and 18+ age restrictions imposed by us (humans) to our children.

    Specially to the FERAL CATS and their KITTENS, my experience is very different with everyone. Five fingers are not equal, they say and YES, they are not. 😉

    The cat tree is introduced in very early stages of taming a kitten in the west but it must be waited till the completion of taming process. There are many reasons for that and socializing plus taming a pet is 100% priority.

    Gabriel is good, he looks active and his nails look really sharp, I mean really really sharp. Look at his face, the hunting instinct is enlightened on his face clearly. Look at his tail’s hair, waooo! he is a lion. 😉

    So, how many scratches do you receive per day Michael???? 😉 <3 <3 <3 have you ever tried to kissed on his lips? <3 He is really your boy and I love his videos. LOVE YOU KID <3 😀

  4. Ugh, that cat is NOT “playing” in the first video. It is attacking. “Rough play” with cats can set very dangerous trends in cats’ behavior that can persist for the rest of their lives. I would almost bet she, the “owner”, had a dog before…same kinda “play”, much different result. Canines are much more domesticated, felines…not so much, and most LOVE to hunt. And by love I mean they HAVE to hunt. Now whether your cat hunts you, or cat toys is up to you. Obviously cats with claws that rough play can make their intent much more clear, much more quickly. IMO it boils down to the Golden Rule…do unto others…as you would have them do unto you…including your cats….

    • Wise advice, Nathan. I think the key to your comment is that people can train their cats in the wrong way without realising it to the point where the cat’s behaviour becomes problematic to the caretaker. I hope your advice is read by people who wish to adopt a cat and that they take notice of it.

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