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I’m a Ginger Tom — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Ruth

    I’ve tried everything with her to be honest to the point where she’s sick of me ! I’ve even told my husband to have a try if he see’s her in the pub! lol

  2. I enjoyed reading about Ginger and what a lovely pic of him having a snooze, it’s so sad the way that it’s pure chance if a cat is well looked after or not depending on which heart and house he ends up in. All we can do in cases like this is try to educate the owners.

  3. A brilliant article Leah and a lovely photo of Ginger.
    No, you couldn’t have him neutered yourself as the owner would be straight at your door and you could be in big trouble, you can only keep chipping away at her common sense.
    Funnily enough we had a ginger tom here too, he did his rounds for 10 years, looking all battered and thin.
    What changed his life was that one night he didn’t go home, his owner asked us for help finding him, we didn’t have much hope we would find him alive as the days went by.
    I called at the owner’s house one day with some lost posters for her to put out and it was her husband who was very anti neutering for all the place stank as only entire tom cats do.
    Well Ginger turned up and guess what, the husband must have changed his mind as Ginger was whizzed off to the vets next day and neutered and now we don’t see him, he doesn’t go far once his hormones had settled.
    So …..maybe Ginger’s owner needs a bit of a fright, maybe you could tell her our Ginger’s story because one day he might not go home and his story might not end as happily as our Ginger’s story.

  4. Hello

    Thanks so much for your caring comments the story about Ginger is true however Titch is fictitious I was just using him to illustrate what can happen to an older un-neutered cat, please don’t fret for him if Titch was real I wouldn’t hesitate I would do absolutely the right thing.

    I’m so sorry if I’ve upset you all 🙁

    As for Ginger I know his mom she’s a neighbour from down the road she does love him in her own way he was a stray when she took him in. I’ve told her loads of times she should get it done so if I go and do it without her knowledge it won’t be long before she puts 2 and 2 together and comes looking for me!

    Thank you for your comments.

  5. Oh my goodness! He still has sweet innocence on his face. I agree with Marc. If no one notices him missing anyway, why not do the deed, let him recover with you then release him to a happier life. I know it is a lot to take on, but now there are a dozen or a hundred of us here that adore him and wish him the best life.

    That aside, thank you for showing Ginger to us. Nicely spoken from the cats point of view.

    • Yes – I really do wish him a better life. If I was in England I’d even be willing to travel over there and do it. It’s too sad – and Titch, poor Titch, 🙁

  6. Couldn’t you just get him neutered yourself? I would do it and I wouldn’t feel even a tiny bit of remorse doing it. I’d love to see the look on his mum’s face. It’s incredibly irresponsible. I’d rather feel like I brok the law and prevented a lot tragedy of unwanted kittens with nowhere to go. I understand if you don’t. Perhaps you could call someone who would be willing to do it. Maybe call cat’s protection and get them to do it without telling them he has a mum – not much of a mum. And what about the older cat. I couldn’t be around watching him die in pain – I’d lose it completley. Perhaps I’m not the best person to be commenting because I have no patience for that sort of thing. If this was happening on my doorstep I would take matters into my own hands. It’s too sad to think of Titch being in terrible pain. I’d be hopping mad about it but I’d keep it to myself until I got them both dealt with.

    • Thanks Michael he is nice, I like him anyway; we all do around here even though he’s miserable all the time. I took the photo with the camera on my android phone its 8 mega pixel so the clarity is usually quite good.

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