I’m All For Front Declaw – Take Two

by Stumpy The Cat

A few days ago I read a post by a human-person from Canada who wrote that she was all in favour of front declaw. As a cat-person who knows about declawing I think she may be under a misapprehension. I’d like to make sure she knows what is involved before she makes her own appointment to be declawed.

Human-people have three knuckle joints on each finger, these knuckles are like hinges, they allow you to move your fingers with dexterity & they also allow you to work and to play. Cat-people are not so very different, although our hands, which we call paws, look different to yours we also have three knuckles in our fingers and we use them to look after ourselves too.

We use them to groom ourselves & to exercise ourselves by plugging into something and having a good stretch of all the muscles in our legs, chests and backs. We also use our fingers and claws to defend ourselves against pretty much anyone who wants to have a go at us. But we differ slightly from human-people who can balance on only 2 feet, we cat-people have to walk on our hands and feet and we use our last joints of our toes to walk on, so you can see how important our toes are. This human-person isn’t in possession of all the facts. To make it quite clear and to save her from getting a big shock when she is declawed I have asked my human-person to help me illustrate declawing.

cat declawing

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In the 1st picture do you see the perfection of the hand? The flexibility of the fingers is neatly covered in skin, ideally that skin would never need to be wounded in any way, you wouldn’t imagine cutting into it unless it was for something extremely serious would you? You wouldn’t imagine cutting into such a work of art to sabotage the flexibility would you? Our paws are similar to your hands but as well as the skin we also have fur covering our perfect “hands”, and we have plump pads underneath to cushion our paws for when we walk up on our toes. Hands, or paws, are miraculous aren’t they?

cat declawing

In the 2nd picture see what range of movement the human-person has, the right fingerends grip the pen, the other fingers fold neatly into the palm of the hand, while the left fingers hold the glass so it doesn’t fall over. And they lift it to the mouth for her to drink from the glass.

Cat-people’s toes are also useful. Some of us like to use our toes and claws to hook up chunks of food, some of the more unfortunate cat-people rely on their claws to catch foods to eat, though the ones who are really unfortunate are the ones who have been through this declawing procedure and then found themselves having to hunt for their own food. They have no hunting equipment and no defence weapons. They are doomed!

A human-person going to be declawed would have an advantage over a cat-person because she will know the reason why she is denied food and water the night before the op, cat-persons do not know this, they do not know what is going to happen to them until they are put in their basket and taken to the surgery where a nurse-person takes them from their human-person and put them in a cage. This Canadian-person will be put into a bed to await her surgery.

Shortly afterward an anaesthetic-person will come and she will be given things to make her sleepy, among the things given to cat-people might be Xylazine which can make us vomit. It can also make muscle tremors, seizures, slowed heart rate and slowed breathing rate happen to us.

And even worse it says that despite appearing completely sedated, cats can still move, even kick, bite or scratch, in response to sharp auditory stimulation; frightening isn’t it? What about pain stimulation? Also we might be given Acepromazine which doesn’t always work if the patient is already excited and sometimes makes us aggressive.

And if that happens then sometimes Ketamine is used, that isn’t very nice as it gets sprayed into our mouths or eyes. It is a terrifying thing for cat-people to be treated like this because they do not understand. At least the Cari-person will understand.

The anaesthetic-person might also sick on her a pain relief patch, this is to relieve pain that she will not yet be feeling, but sticking it on pretty much confirms that there is going to be pain and that when that pain comes it will be too bad to wait for pain relief to be given then. Have you ever had a tooth out and felt the throb of something that isn’t there? That happens when limbs and digits are removed. Aren’t our bodies strange that we can feel pain, sometimes for years afterwards in parts of us that no longer exist? These are called phantom pains; sadly these pains are all too real and well proven to exist.

Ok then, the patient is now asleep and lying down although my human-person has not had the anaesthetic of course. I would not ask that of her.

cat declawing

So, can you see in picture 3 what happens? Declawing isn’t declawing after all is it? It is de-finger-end-ing, the human-persons finger ends, along with her nails, have been amputated! They are lying there on the table quite separate to the rest of the finger. “Is this meant to be, or is this a big mistake?” you might ask, the answer would be no, it is no mistake THIS is what happens when you are declawed. Those very useful ends of our fingers are removed and thrown away!

Can you see all the blood? This is because the surgeon-person has used a scalpel to cut through all the bits inside that make the fingers work and through that perfect skin that encases and protects them. It is not always done like this. Sometimes the surgeon-person uses a strong, hot beam of light called a laser and burns through the fur, skin, cartilage, nerves, blood vessels and bone to get the finger end off. Because they are burned the blood vessels are sealed off so they cannot bleed, but they are charred instead. And the result is the same; the end of the finger or toe is gone. Some people say this method is not cruel; I would like to ask them how so? Are the ends of our toes any less gone? No.

cat declawing

In this demonstration the human-persons finger ends were lopped off with a sharp scalpel so there is a lot, a hell of a lot, of blood. If you look at picture 4 you can see just how much blood there is on the bandages. When this happens to cat-people and they wake up to the throbbing pain, in a cage, thirsty, sickly, needing the litter-box and scared they sometimes try to get away from the pain not realising that it is actually in their own paw. They throw themselves around the cage and in doing so they only make their poor paws bleed all the more. Sometimes they cause what is called haemorrhaging and a lot of blood seeps out through the bandages. If there is no nurse-person there to see this and to tend to the wounds then the cat-person can so easily die. To imagine dying of bleeding after an operation that you didn’t even need is beyond the comprehension of most people.

So, it is done. It is the work of maybe half an hour or so to remove the ends of our fingers but the effect is going to last us a lifetime. Human-people would find it hard to adapt to losing the tips of their fingers and so do cat-people. True enough we don’t write with pens or keyboards, or use combs or cutlery but imagine, if you will, having to use sore toe ends, or what has now become the ends of our toes to clean up after ourselves in the litter-box. And imagine trying to stretch and instead of anchoring ourselves to something with claws now we find our paws slide down and get chafed and calloused because we cannot grip. You see, the stretching and scratching instinct is born in us, I think a lot of human-people think that we do it for badness but honestly we don’t, we just have to do it to keep ourselves fit. I’ve heard that not being able to do it means that when we get older we can have awful painful problems with our legs and hips and backs. Imagine trying to walk and finding out that you can’t walk as gracefully as you used to because your paws are different now, and imagine jumping, and falling.

cat declawing

My human-person model has adapted as well as she has been able, if you look at picture 5 you will see that she is trying to hold the pen and the glass. I have no doubt that over the years left of her life she will find a way to manage as best she can, because after all she will have no choice. And I think that this is what some blinkered human-people think about cat-people that have been declawed, they think that because they adapt and manage to live their lives that they are unaffected by the declawing procedure. They could not be more wrong. They do not realise that cat-people have millions of years of patience and stoicism behind them they are masters at making do and putting up with things, but cat-people feel pain and they feel distress and sometimes they become depressed, and sometimes in their pain and distress they cannot use their litter-boxes and human-people call them dirty and bad, and having put them through the declawing procedure, they still end up not wanting them and throwing them out. It is sad to us cat-people that we are so easily replaceable.

I hope you have found this letter useful and I hope the Canadian-person reads it and realises what is involved. I think if she does she might not be for declawing after all. She might cancel her appointment to be declawed herself.

And if that is the case and she decides that she wouldn’t put herself through the declawing procedure then by rights she should never again put a cat-person through it either. Should she?

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I’m All For Front Declaw – Take Two

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Apr 30, 2012Eye opener NEW
by: Anonymous I’ve just come across this whilst browsing and it’s shocked me to the core that this cruelty is allowed to go on.I thought it was long in the history books.

SHAME on those who torture their cats this way and I hope one day they are fingerless like the model in the pictures.

Apr 11, 2012Rather dead than in constant pain NEW
by: Anonymous @ cat lover / no claw lover:Let the cat go then, if you love her so much!

It may be more human to kill the cat than to cripple it and have her live in pain.

I have cats at home with sharp claws and they will use a scratch board, play with toys or chase after a laser pointer. yes, and if they scratch at the leather couch, it’s ok: my fault they are bored and on the other hand, I love cats – just as they come: WITH CLAWS.

Get a hamster or a fish. They don’t “tear everything up”

Apr 10, 2012*&^%$#@! NEW
by: Anonymous Amputees Unfortunately for all of us purry kind, there are too many pee-poles who are not able to be educated about the wonders of declawing. Maybe they should have goldfish instead of cats?www.save-our-paws.org

Apr 10, 2012to cat lover not cla lover NEW
by: Barbara Buzz off and study grammar troll
Barbara avatar

Apr 10, 2012Fantastic NEW
by: Mom of clawed cats I’ve just seen this link on facebook, it’s fantastic, it really brings home what declawing means.Anyone declawing their cat after seeing this is the worst sort of human being imaginable and should be subject to the same surgery themselves.

Apr 09, 2012pro de-claw NEW
by: cat lover/not claw lover ok so not declawing your cat is better? cuz im going to give my cat away to the pound where they will kill her because no one in their right mind will want a cat that claws everything up i have holes everywhere! this is life or death for my cat. the claws go or she does!

Sep 14, 2011Love it…
by: Kelly Outstanding!!!!

Sep 14, 2011Fantastic
by: Anonymous I salute the writer of this!

Jan 18, 2011OMG
by: Anonymous OMG this is so realistic!

Jan 18, 2011OMG
by: Anonymous OMG this is so realistic!

Oct 12, 2010They Can Be A Lot BETTER Off, Too
by: Kathleen To the person who thinks that declawed cats “could be a lot worse off”…your attitude, shared by too many people in North America, is responsible for a significant loss in quality of life for the companion animals you and your kind claim to “love”. Yes, cats are stoic and do often hide the fact that they are sick or in pain, but it’s also true that many of the musculoskeletal and orthopedic problems associated with the declawing procedure do not develop right away, but set in gradually as the cat ages, and declawing is one of the worst things you can do if you want your cat to live a pain-free life into his or her geriatric years. Have you spent any time living with chronic orthopedic or musculoskeletal pain?? It wears you down and exhausts you; it depresses you and takes the joy out of life. This is what you have greatly multiplied the risk of for your cat by declawing him or her. Being responsible for a companion animal means more than allowing them inside your house and providing food. It means caring about their QUALITY OF LIFE as well, and when you declaw with a full understanding of what is being done, you are proving that your cat’s quality of life is not a concern of yours. Whether or not a declawed cat can be “worse off” depends greatly on the individual cat’s luck, constitution, and general circumstances. But there is no question that declawed cats could have been BETTER off. They could have ended up with an owner who respected and loved them enough to let them keep their entire skeletons.

Oct 11, 2010Not….. that….bad….?????????????????????
by: Kath It’s not that bad???????NOT …..THAT ….BAD?????

You’ve got to be joking,it’s TEN amputations of healthy and neccessary parts of the cat’s body.

If that’s not that bad then I don’t know what is!

Pinch me someone,I must be in a parrallel universe!

Oct 11, 2010To the moron
by: CJ You ignorant moron.You looked at those pictures and saw exactly what the human equivalant of declawing is yet you still crow it isn’t that bad.Of course it isn’t that bad in your thick head because it’s not you without your finger ends,it’s your poor cat.

Poor trusting little cat,it doesn’t know it lives with an unfeeling moronic cretin.

You disgust me.

Oct 11, 2010To Anonymous
by: Ruth Why do pro declaws always hide behind anonymous ? Could it be because you know you are wrong and that millions of people despise you for abusing cats ?You don’t think declawing is that bad ?

So please tell us when you are going to book yourself in for the same operation ?

I think you might change your mind afterwards.

You say your cat is as sweet and loving, well he doesn’t know that YOU are the one who put him through the most cruel and painful operation a cat can endure does he ?

Don’t you know ANYTHING ?

Haven’t you yet learned that cats adapt, that they hide their pain, that they suffer much in silence ?

Suicide is NOT an option for cats, they have no choice but to make the best of things but that doesn’t mean it’s alright to cripple them.

They should NOT have to adjust, they are born with claws because they need claws.

People like you are the very reason declawing MUST and WILL be banned because you are not fit to have a cat in your home if you only want an adapted cat.


Oct 11, 2010I don’t believe it!
by: Barbara I can hardly believe I’ve just read that comment by yet another anonymous, presented with a graphic comparison of how the equivalent procedure would affect a human’s hands this person STILL wrote ” I really don’t think it’s that bad” what the hell does it take to convince declawing morons of the seriousness of this thing they do so casually to cats?I’d like to see this person after having his/her fingers mutilated and see if he/she still doesn’t think it’s a big deal.

Declawing moron or troll? Both the same in my book, a waste of space.

Barbara avatar


Oct 11, 2010declaw
by: Anonymous I really don’t think it’s that bad. For many cats, they could be alot worse off. My cat has had no problems with the adjustment. Still as sweet and loving as ever.

Oct 10, 2010Thanks everyone
by: Barbara Thank you all for your comments and thank you to the human volunteer who was declawed, our very own warrior Ruth aka Kattaddorra. It’s a horrible comparison, when you look at how stuck a person would be with no finger ends and then compare it to a cat, it really is a serious disablement and the fact that people CHOOSE to do this to their cats is one of the things about declawing I have never been able to get my head around!I’m thankful for every one of us here who are dedicated to eradicating this disease called declawing!

Barbara avatar


Oct 10, 2010Great article
by: Ken Pritchard Having only recently become A Cat fan I am amazed at the barbaric process that some people think it is acceptable to practice on these proud and delightful creatures. This article shows in graphic terms just what is entailed. Keep up the good work and keep this in the public eye as much as possible.

Oct 09, 2010Cruel
by: Anonymous Declawing cats is CRUEL and anyone who even considers it does not deserve to have a cat in their power.Buy a soft toy you idiots instead of harming a real live pet.

Oct 08, 2010To anonymous
by: Edward A sharp axe is much too kind man.Ive got a blunt knife and some pliers and thats what declawers deserve.Kudos to Babz for the best pictures yet.


Oct 08, 2010My axe is ready
by: Anonymous That is exactly what should be done to people who declaw their cats.I’m available with my axe sharpened ready.

Oct 07, 2010Goodness
by: Benedicta Goodness if that doesn’t get through to the ignorant people who think declawing is fine then nothing will.They should be forced to look at it in great detail.

Couldn’t anyone clever make a video for YouTube using these photos?

Oct 07, 2010Startling
by: Anonymous These pictures need printing off and handed to anyone going into a vets to have a cat declawed.I’ve read a lot about declawing and looked at pictures but none are as startlingly graphic and horrible as these.

A lot of work went into that I’d say.

We need to use these pictures as much as we can to stop those vets in their tracks.

Oct 06, 2010Backward Country
by: Leah (England) I’m sorry to have to say Helena but yes you do live in a backward country where animal welfare doesn’t even figure in any equation.Babz you and Kattadora did a phenominal job with that article. It amazes me how you find the inspiration time after time. You are so genuinely caring; you never fade and I know you will never give up. Thank you from all the cats and kittens who have no voice against their abusers who need you to speak for them.

Whenever I read about the graphic nature of declawing I always want to cry and I always want to get my hand on the perpetrators! I get so bloody angry!

All those that do this I hope you realise how you look to all the countries that don’t de-claw. You are looked upon with horror, shock and utter disbelief. There is never any reason to de-claw or de-bark any animal. For the love of God PLEASE! Just don’t get a cat if you don’t like the claws!!!

Oct 06, 2010Declawing
by: Helena This was horrible beyond belief! I never thought much about declawing, except to know that it was definitely the wrong thing to do to a poor kitty. I was told by my mother as a child that declawing made the kitties defenseless, but this is more than I could have ever imagined! I’ve never considered doing it, but this information needs to be disseminated far and wide. Indeed, we live in a backward country, for all that we’re told how enlightened, wealthy and lucky we are. 

Oct 06, 2010Beyond belief
by: Mandy It is beyond belief that some people knowingly put their cats through this torture.I don’t hold with the …I thought it was only the claws….brigade.They should not have got a kitten in the first place if they don’t like it they have claws.I’d like to declaw those horrible people and also the vets who do it and the assistants that hold up the toes to be rived off.Not foregetting the receptionist who makes the appointments,sometimes encouraging people ringing in about neutering/spaying by asking if they want the kitten declawing too.

Thankyou Stumpy for turning it around as the person being declawed,I wish all who do it to their cats had to have it done too.

Oct 05, 2010Yes it is evil
by: Sue I agree with Petra,people who do that are evil.They should not get a cat if they don’t like it that they have claws.

I wish everyone would boycott the vets who love mutilating cats.How would they like the ends of their fingers chopped off.

Oct 05, 2010Sick making
by: Petra Oh that is horrible, too much information! Do people REALLY put their cats through this by choice? They are evil.

Oct 05, 2010I agree
by: Anonymous Declawing is a crime and everyone concerned with doing it should be punished severely.

Oct 05, 2010SO REALISTIC !!!!
by: Kathryn Barbara that is SO SO realistic.I don’t know how you did it but I take my hat off to you.That really truly shows the nitty gritty of declawing,the finger ends gone and the person left as disabled as cats are.

How sme vets justify doing this I don’t know and how any person can take a perfectly beautiful cat and have that done to it is beyond human comprehension.

To deprive a baby cat for all of its life of good health is nothing short of criminal and to deprive an adult cat of its health is just as criminal.

Declawing should be a punishable offence in every country,not just some.

Oct 04, 2010Don’t declaw!
by: Maggie Wow, Babz! What an article! This is fantastic!! Anyone who declawed a cat after reading this should be classified as insane! Especially those no good money hungry vets. Who are just cruel people and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a cat!

Oct 04, 2010great photos!
by: Kathleen Yes, the photos are fantastic, I think they really make the story. I’ve seen just as many adult cats declawed as kittens, so I don’t think it’s necessary to use a child’s hands here. Many people will look at these pictures and be unable or unwilling to believe that this kind of blood and gore are realistic, but I am here to say that they most certainly are.

Oct 04, 2010this is great
by: kathy This is a great article. The pictures are pretty much true to the point. I used to work in a vets office remember. I saw this cruel operation first hand. I was freaked out. The graphic pictures really hit the point and this should be shown to anyone who considers this cruel procedure.

Oct 04, 2010Yes shocking
by: Anonymous A good sharp shocking dose of reality is exactly what prodeclaws need apart from their own finger ends chopped off too of course.WELL DONE Stumpy.

Oct 04, 2010Babz idea
by: Ruth Just to say this was all Babz brilliant idea,she thought it up, bought the bits and pieces she needed (lucky it’s Halloween coming) and worked on it until it was perfection.All I did towards it was to be the ‘patient’ for her to take the photos.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth


Oct 04, 201021st century shame!
by: Anonymouspammy marshall Thank you both so much for going out of your way agsin to drive home the shocking facts of declawing. What IS it going to take to wake up people who are still for de-clawing?Surely anyone who saw those shocking, graphic pictures and read the literature, would resolve to fight to ban de-clawing permanantely…and globally.

You are both very special and dedicated people to go to such lengths to stop de-clawing. It really is a stigma on the human race that is is still allowed in some countries.

When I read your article, and looked at the shocking pictures, I cried and cried for all those innocent cats that go through this selfish and stupid act to suit human beings…who are supposed to love their pets!

Well done, and congratultions for making the effort in such a way to drive home once and for all the horror of de-clawing. I can’t imagine for one moment that either of you enjoyed going through the trauma of this, but applaud you both for doing it. You are very brave, and behalf of lovely pussy cats everywhere, sincere and deep thanks.xxx

Oct 04, 2010Great article
by: Rose Yes well done Babz on a very well researched and hard hitting article.I remember reading your blog about anaesthetics for declawing and my blood ran cold at the description of what cats go through that way.I think you should put that here on PoC too.The people who have their cats declawed leave them at the clinic and then collect them a couple of days later not having a clue what they suffer.

It needs to be told and you do a great job telling it.

Oct 04, 2010Take Two
by: Sylvia Firstly may I say that the article and accompanying pictures have done what they were intended to do – make an impact, that was an ingenious piece of work. Secondly to the person who said photos of a baby hand would have been better, perhaps you may like to spare sometime yourself to do that. (Theres always one is there not) The pictures tell a massive story themselves, and the copy with them makes the points against declawing very very clear.There is in my own opinion, only one reason why vetenerians in the USA and Canada still advocate this abysmal practice, and that is to bolster their bank balance! Shame on them, and shame on any cat “owner” who subjects their cat to this torture. Being that the USA is obsessed with cosmetic proceedures for themselves, it just shows that when it comes to their animals they want to do the same, to make them “perfect” in their eyes, what a shame they dont consider what is best for the cat. There is only one sight worse than a 70year old body with a 20 year old face, and that is the sight of a declawed cat.Keep up the good work Barbara, and thank you and your model for the excellent article and photos.

Oct 04, 2010I’m speechless
by: CJ Babz I’m speechless with admiration for you.How on earth did you do that?I can’t imagine how you got those spine chilling pictures so realistic.Anonymous I don’t know where you live but in the UK if anyone used a real baby as a model for abuse they’d get the NSPCC after them as a baby couldn’t give her consent.

Give praise where it’s due for this,it looks to me like a lot of thought and hard work has gone into it.

Oct 04, 2010Good point
by: Ruth Good point anonymous but I don’t think anyone would hand over a real baby to use even if we knew of anyone with a baby right now.Babz put a lot of work into this article and adult cats are often declawed and I think it shows wonderfully well how declawing a person would disable her as much as it does a cat.

It sometimes takes shocking pictures to get through to some people just how cruel declawing is.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Oct 04, 2010Kittens are Babies
by: Anonymous Since this procedure is often performed on kittens, these already convincing images would be even more convincing if they were NOT adult hands/fingers BUT baby hands/fingers.

Oct 04, 2010Kittens are Babies
by: Anonymous Since this procedure is often performed on kittens, these already convincing images would be even more convincing if they were NOT adult hands/fingers BUT baby hands/fingers.

Oct 03, 2010I’m all for front declaw -Take Two.
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado Brilliant article with vivid comparisons and description. Definitely an article for the “Cat Archives” for future references, better than a total scientific paper as it is simple and easily understood by the average reader.

Oct 03, 2010Shockingly good
by: Michael I found the photos shocking. And that is exactly how it needs to be to get the message home.Well done Barbara.

Michael Avatar

Oct 03, 2010Kittens are especially targeted
by: Chris Great work on your photos. If I could do something like this with my old computer here I would.Since kittens are the most common target for this unnecessary procedure, we need photos showing a child’s or baby’s hands, feet too if possible, then “that” child later on. Show how it’s too painful to use the litter box, show the damage to the house, how biting is the new mode of defence.

In the emergency room, the doctor drew around the perimeter of the redness indicating infection from the cat bite my mom received. She needed IV antibiotics. (My brother had taken in a declawed cat that a coworker was going to have euthanized because her cat’s behaviour was a danger to her kids.)


Oct 03, 2010BRILLIANT BRILLIANT Meow ta Phor
by: Jo Singer This is one of the most amazing articles. Brilliantly conceived and executed by some very clever folks! My hat’s off to you!This so graphically addresses the moronic opinion that front paw declawing is ok. Of course NO declawing is ok, but this illustrates graphically the eqivolent butchering.

I cannot recall ever seeing anything that is so well done!

Thanks so much for writing this, and illustrating it so fantastically. I am basically speechless! Major Kudos says it all.

Oct 03, 2010Bleeding
by: Elisa Black-Taylor I’ve spoken to several vet assistants who witnessed first hand a cat bleeding out so fast from the surgery that the cat couldn’t be saved. Many have left their jobs with vets who declaw to work for ones who don’t. They tell me they simply couldn’t watch another cat die needlessly. I’ve seen photos made by a vet assistant who snuck in early before the office opened to photograph how miserable a cat is after the surgery. This is all the part the vets won’t tell or show you.I’ve been reading up on the California cases and have learned that vets there are not supposed to “suggest” declawing to anyone as merely a preventative. Like that’s what’s happening. They’re after the almighty dollar. And yes, I will be writing an article on my view of that case. It may be a few days before I have it all pulled together but I’m halfway finished.

Oct 03, 2010Brilliant
by: Ruth A brilliant and true article Stumpy aka Barbara and if anyone thinks declawing cats is acceptable after seeing those photos then they certainly are not human beings !Kattaddorra signature Ruth


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  1. What the f are you talking about? Huh? You, my Friend, first of all, you never take your cat’s claws, nor his purr, away from him. Secondly, you never take his fucking German Shepherd away from him. I will take Android’s freedom away from HER, if she doesn’t stop being such a bitch.

    • Now I am quietly going to go make another piece of toast, and a second cup of decaf Earl Grey tea. What do you have re these mice, Michael? It’s organic strawberry jam and homemade butter. 💕 Shrimpie always 0had to have a corner. Yep.

  2. https://m.phys.org/news/2013-09-toxoplasma-infected-mice-unafraid-cats-parasite.html. Read the entire article, and then go to Cornell and Harvard for more background. This is so very interesting, Michael. I had a hundred or more fearless mice in my doctor’s office bedroom in Fremont, at 321 E. Military Ave. Fremont, Ne, back in 1971. I dr I’d dissection down in the basement. My parents never knew. I had over one hundred mice in my surgery bedroom. My parents had no clue. It wasn’t my dad’s fault. He was a grocery. It was my mother’s fault. She never cared.

    • https://m.phys.org/news/2013-09-toxoplasma-infected-mice-unafraid-cats-parasite.html. Read the entire article, and then go to Cornell and Harvard for more background. This is so very interesting, Michael. I had a hundred or more fearless mice in my doctor’s office bedroom in Fremont, at 321 E. Military Ave. Fremont, Ne, back in 1971. I dr I’d dissection down in the basement. My parents never knew. I had over one hundred mice in my surgery bedroom. My parents had no clue. It wasn’t my dad’s fault. He was a grocery. It was my mother’s fault. She never cared. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my mice. I never let my parents knew that I kept them. My sister has cat that I was not allowed to touch. One day, her cat managed to push his way into my bedroom. There were bloodstains on my bay windows. I have never forgotten because I have a photographic memory.


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