by Nicole

My cat had kittens with her dad, I know, STRANGE!!! but when she had them she had 4. she had 1 MASSIVE still born, 2 normal size kittens, and one supposedly ‘dwarf’ kitten!

She had the still born first then one of the normal ones than ran of for an hour. When she came back she took the kitten and had two more. we noticed that she was rejecting the ‘dwarf’ kitten every time we put it back near her.

We took it away but then did we realised it was stone cold and tiny. We warmed it up and now she will feed it and everything is normal again APART from this tiny kitten. Here are the symptoms he has, please help

. small short scrawny legs
. normal size head
. you can feel his ribs
. much smaller than the other kittens
. had his eyes open and now they’re gunged up

PLEASE PLEASE help!!! I need to know so I know what best for him.


Hi Nicole….Thanks for visiting and asking. It is more likely that this small cat is the runt of the litter. They are sometimes rejected by mother as she has to care for those most likely to survive. Although he could be a dwarf cat, which are normal sized cats with short legs. When he grows a bit you will see this clearly.

Keeping him warm was a good move as cold and underfeeding can kill.

I think he has an eye infection possibly feline conjunctivitis, a common bacterial infection of the eye. If the eye is gunged up it is possibly “purulent conjunctivitis”.

If I am correct antibiotics are required and cleaning of the eye.

You really should see a vet – please. Leaving it can cause eye damage and sight problems.

The gene that causes dwarfism is dominant. One of the parents should be a dwarf cat and I am not sure that is the case – it seems not. Hence my thought that he is a small normally proportioned cat. He may well grow to be a good sized cat. Please look after him.

See Cat Pink Eye please.

A daughter mating with father is not abnormal procedure in the cat world but it is inbreeding and it is always wise to neuter cats to avoid reproduction and therefore more cats in the world. There are far too many already for homes as millions are killed annually.

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May 22, 2011
Kitten Formula
by: Elisa Black-Taylor


I use formula #3. Don’t include egg white as it will absorb B vitamins and you don’t want that to happen. You may have to put a little in a dropper to feed it. The other kittens will try to keep the runt from eating enough. I’ve never lost a kitten using this formula.

You can look on my Facebook page at Elisa Black-Taylor and see I’m dealing with a horrible case of pink eye on a kitten. Just keep at it and you kitty will get well but you’ll need at least an antibiotic eye drop. I gave $11 for the one I’m using so they’re not that expensive. Chamomile tea with melter honey in it and use a sterile cotton ball will also soothe.

May 22, 2011
wanted to ad
by: Brandy

That really your kitten is most likely just a runt.


that link has a pic of my baby cooks. As you can see she was very small I would say 1/3 the size of her brothers. she never grew full sized but i dont think that made her a dwarf, just a small kitty. (wish i could add a pic of her as an adult)

May 22, 2011
The vet won’t put it down
by: Brandy


You are the decision maker when it comes to the vet. If you have a pushy vet then get a new one. But dont fear the vet thinking his will put it down.

Now of course if its a $$ wise reason for not wanting to take the kitten to the vet I’m with you. Its very costly and a lot of the things they do are not in the best intrest of the kitten.

I have taken many farm kittens and brought them back to health and found homes for them. I have never lost a kitten (even the small runts like the one you described) I would make a light salt water wash (sea salt if you have it) to wash the eyes. warm the water a little and soak the end of a cloth. hold it on the eye for a bit and then lightly wipe a few times. you will have to do this at least twice a day.

Keeps the kittens strength up is very important so if you can buy the kitten formula this is the best if not we always used just cows milk around 3-4% and they have to feed often. keep the area you keep the kitten warm. We would just put a hot water bottle under some towels. The towels will have to be washed and changed often as they are not litter trained yet and it is imporatant to keep the area clean for the kitten. If the mom is not feeding it, it isnt getting her immune system.

May 22, 2011
by: the writer

Escuse me, but i don’t know, but this kitten is the size of my palm and has all those sympotoms and i dont see what else he can be. im so sorry if this is sounding cheeky and your the expert i guess but hes now 4 weeks old and the other kittens are double the size. i will NOT take him to see the vets because he has so many problems all my family is fretting that theylle put him down. is this the right site for me. i need answers fast. i cant wait. sorry.

I do not mean to be rood.

sorry and regards


2 thoughts on “I’m confused!!! IS MY KITTEN A DWARF KITTEN?”

  1. Okay the eye problem is what I have always call sore eyes and it’s cause by people touching the kittens too much. There is a cheap and easy fix for it though, all you need to do is get clear eyes eye drops, it’s people eye drops, and put them in each eye (2 drops each) once a day as needed. I have done this with almost all of my cats and it has always worked.


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