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I’m in shock after a New York cat ‘rescuer’ promotes declawing on social media — 2 Comments

  1. After I discovered that Banfield Animal Hospital, a partner of PetSmart, offers “DeClawing” as a part of a WELLNESS PACKAGE for kittens and cats, I stopped shopping there. Now Chewy is part of PetSmart, so these big pet stores are gobbling up whoever they can.

    Of course my pennies are just a drop in the bucket; I wish more people would stop giving support to De-clawing by shopping at PetSmart, and taking their pets to Banfield. There are horror stories online from people who used Banfield veterinary services.

    I shop at my local Pet Market, and he even special orders for me. His shop is small, but packed with quality pet foods, including raw frozen for cats and dogs.

    If we buy from PetSmart, we’re supporting De-Clawing, so think about it.

  2. I have had people who see nothing wrong with declawing say if you do them really young they never miss their claws. The insanity never stops. The cats being dumped were likely going to be dumped. Owners that care either fix behavior issues or find ways to cope.
    Cats won’t stay in their homes and there is no guarantee a declawed cat will be kept inside. you can buy a pet nail clipper starting at a few dollars.

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