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I’m shocked! You profess to be a cat lover–rescuer, even? — 6 Comments

  1. I guess I thought this site was against breeding, but I am guessing it is not. I am apparently NOT for breeding. You do not have to post my comments. I’d rather not be part of this page if it is a breeders page.

    • Hi, thanks for the comment. I am actually against breeding of any kind if it is done irresponsibly. That means overbreeding to the point where health is damaged and it also means that people should not breed cats as long as there are cats being killed at shelters that are perfectly good companion animals. It is clearly idiotic to make more cats while at the same time killing unwanted healthy cats. We need to address the mass shelter killings and resolve that matter completely before we can justify breeding more cats. That is a fair and logical argument I believe. It is common sense too.

  2. I must state that I have 6 dogs, all rescued. 1 full blood Bichon (with legitimate papers-but from abusive breeders), 1 snauzer (beautiful dog rescued from people abusing her-papers also), 1 golden-doodle (rescued), one border collie/Australian shepherd mix, Pitbull/Lab mix (backyard breeding), and a Golden Retriever (that was on his last day at the shelter-he had previously been adopted and returned to shelter-too big for their apartment). We are full here, please get your animals fixed.

  3. I can’y follow this whole thread, but I see a lot of bashing about the negativity on breeders. Well good, maybe the anger you feel is actually your conscience. I used to breed American Eskimos. No longer will I do that. It is disgusting that so many can know and see first hand the large amount of animals being killed every day and starving in the streets or countryside after being deserted, and still keep popping out more just because they have a “love” of a breed. Well, maybe if that breed you love so much becomes endangered, breed away. Otherwise go find one that needs a home regardless of it it has papers or not. You sell to a person that you think will take care of the animal because they paid a higher price. That simply is not always true and that is one way that we have overpopulations of dogs and cats. Make your excuses for breeding and attack others for making you angry by stating their opinions. I’d rather be on the saving side of the animals in need rather than creating more while others die.

    • I totally agree with you. Well said. It is common sense to do as you suggest and the decent thing to do. Breeding can not be justified while cats and dogs are being killed every year by their millions.

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