I’m shocked! You profess to be a cat lover–rescuer, even?

by Kat
(San Diego)

THIS IS WHAT BREEDERS GIVE US. Every 2 days this is the kills in a typical county shelter

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THIS IS WHAT BREEDERS GIVE US. Every 2 days this is the kills in a typical county shelter

You profess to be a cat lover--rescuer, even?



Hi Kat... thanks for visiting and sharing. I do not know why you are shocked though. Or seemingly annoyed at me. I am shocked and disappointed that you are criticizing this site in the way that you are and feel compelled to defend it.

This website fights for cats. I think of this website as the voice of the cat.

Yes, I do refer to purebred cats and breeders to keep a balance on the site but I and the wonderful visitors to this site fight for cats over and over again (sometimes to the detriment of the site but I still do it).

And I have to question your caption to the photo that you kindly uploaded. In it you suggest that cat breeders are responsible for the mass slaughter of cats at shelters. This is simply not the case. Please provide conclusive evidence to support your statement. Yes, it is hard to justify cat breeding when 2 million cats are killed in shelters each year in the USA but the cause is a lack of a coordinated nationwide program of TNR (trap-neuter-return) coupled with irresponsible cat ownership (failure to neuter and care for non-purebred cats properly).

I have criticized cat shelters. I have criticized the human race in respect of feral cats. We caused the problem and we should fix it humanely.

I have fought against brutal declawing, the persecuted wildcats and in general this site fights to put some balance into the keeping of domestic cats. In short there are hundreds of pages on this site that support and argue for the better treatment of cats. I think that you have simply missed them.

Below are a tiny portion of the many articles that present the euthanasia of cats in the light that you propose. We think alike. Please don't prejudge or criticize without full knowledge of what you are talking about. There are hundreds more like these.

Feral cats are killed not euthanised

No Kill Animal Shelters

No Kill Animal Shelters

Bad Experience with no kill cat shelter

North Utah Valley Animal Shelter Sells Pets For Experimental Purpose

Euthanasia of feral cats

The Cat Network--Doing the Impossible in West Allis

Finally this site gives charitable donations to people and organizations that help the cat. What are you doing to help the cat?

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I'm shocked! You profess to be a cat lover--rescuer, even?

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Nov 08, 2010 To Kat
by: Kathy W

There was a time on this website that I got into a heated debate with a man over the killing of wild cougars. He thought that if you metone you should kill it. Him and you ought to get together. You both said you love animals but yet dont see the whole picture. I too have a purebred cat that I intend to breed. Most people who put money out for a cat dont usually intend to give it a bad home. I once raised Bengals and Im sure everyone of them went to a decent good home. I also understand that a persons circumstances can change and thats how some cats become homeless. My boyfriend and I recently talked about splitting up. What then would happen to our beloved 5 cats???? Putting the cats before our own interests we decided to stay together. 6 years ago I went through divorce. I had to find homes for all of my 12 cats. Some of them I dont know what happened to them. One of them I got back after 6 years. God blessed me. Some people are useless breeders. I heard one man say one time they let their cats have kittens because they wanted their children to expierience the birth thing. Not a good reason. Im sure he could have gotten a video. I for one love this site. I have found good animal lover friends who feel the same way I do and its also very educational for me too. I stick with my friends on here and whatever they say goes for me too.

Nov 02, 2010 Too gracious by far
by: Leah (UK)

Michael you are too gracious by far. I cannot understand for the life of me what provoked this attack I only know it was unwarranted.

I cannot comprehend in anyway how you can say that the deaths of so many animals can be blamed solely on animal breeders?

For me so many things are wrong with regards animal welfare in the USA and I name but a few below which I feel all contribute to the necessary suffering and ultimate deaths of animals especially cats.

1. There are cat breeders that breed cats

mainly for pleasure. They do this in the proper manner and they home responsibily. They genuinely love cats.

There are bad cat breeders who don't give a shit about cats they just do it for the money and the money alone. They keep cats in small cages, in vile conditions; they just battery breed. It is THEY not the responsible breeders that should be put out of business. (This practice unfortunately isn't contained solely within the USA)

2. "To provide somebody or something with protection, cover, refuge, or safety" is the definition of shelter. Tell me how this works in the USA? How can a shelter be the above when an animal goes there to be killed? Or sold to a vivisectionist? Surely "slaughterhouse" would be more appropriate; not "shelter"? How can this happen?

3. TNR. Someone wrote an article on PoC saying that it was against the law in her state to feed feral cats. So in other words if they can be shot, tortured, be allowed to breed, savaged by dogs, then why not be starved as well? How in Gods name is this addressing the problem? These cats were never feral in the first place and they shouldn't be now. They are a result of being dumped. It is against the law in the UK to abuse any animal including ferals.

4. Last but not least declawing. I think regular visitors to PoC all know why declawing contributes to the death of relinquished cats so I need say no more.

I could go on and on but in the UK we have animal welfare laws which aren't perfect but go a bloody long way to protect those that can't speak for themselves. Declawing is banned. Our shelters do their best to find good homes for unwanted animals they don't sell them on for financial gain to be tortured.

I too foster unwanted cats and kittens but I don't shout it to the world.

There are many other reasons why healthy animals are uthanised and they all start with the human race.

Please don't come on here Kat and have a go at Micheal who is the epitome of an English gentleman who does so much for cats. Please don't just blame bad breeders but please do try looking at all thats wrong on your own doorstep first.

Micheal's pedigree articles are educational and informative they also help to keep the website going which in turn helps so many cats.

I'm pleased you apologised Kat, it was the very least you could do. We should stick togeather in this; we are all opposed to animal suffering and needless death.

Nov 02, 2010 You do deserve it !
by: Ruth

Michael you do deserve our support and I'm sure you'll always get it too.

I'm glad Kat has apologised and we can welcome her as one of us who care too deeply about all cats to waste time in unpleasantness.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Nov 01, 2010 Thanks
by: Michael

My heartfelt thanks for all your wonderful support. I am humbled and don't deserve it. I feel that we are such a good team of cat people.

Kat has apologised in an email. I don't think she will mind me saying that so I hope we can put this behind us. We are best as a team working together. I have no hard feelings about this.

Michael Avatar

Nov 01, 2010 Please don't attack me on this
by: Elisa Black-Taylor

I just thought you guys might want to see this. I did it to help budding writers. But it explains what I go through as a writer.

Like I said before, Michael created my success and you guys trained me in what was important.

Nov 01, 2010 I Noticed Everyone
by: Elisa Black-Taylor

I went from being too bossy to being too nice. I used to work with people others hated and got along fine with them. I've been even more non-tempered since my TAH in 2006. I get too mellow at times. I've had friends tell me I get run over a lot by people taking advantage of me. This is really the first I've gotten upset in a long time.

I haven't met Michael but I can say this. Not only has he saved countless cats, he saved me. He taught me to write where the search engines will pick me up. It's all about keywords and when and how to use them and a lot of other things. What it boils down to is he launched my writing career.

And you guys told me politely (most of the time) where improvement was needed and I've listened.

Glad I never REALLY pissed you all off. But then again, I know better than to attack anyone trying to help cats.

Nov 01, 2010 Poor Excuse for Apology
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Kat - You have given us a pretty lame apology for the rants you have rained upon this site. This is clearly evident by your COMMENT TITLE on this page. Surely, you wanted to elicit controversy; otherwise, you would not have written such a provocative title, followed by what I can only call bulls***!

Blaming your arthritis for your cruel assault on Michael, by way of faulty typing, is no excuse either. Saying this site is the only one who has a 'mob mentality' toward you is also weak. What did you expect? Why not just come right out and admit that you are waaaaaay off the mark and attempt to be humble this time?

We all love cats in a way that 'outsiders' do not comprehend. This community gives of themselves to a degree that, unless you've read every single page on this website, you will never understand.

As for Michael, he has given us his time, money - the very fabric of his being in the quest to educate the general public - all this from ENGLAND! He has traveled on his own dime, criss-crossing the USA and who knows where else, all for the love of cats - to educate people and return to his home to update this website for the benefit of all the rest of us. Michael is under no obligation to answer to you. For you to come to this very balanced, cat-loving website to bash him and spew your hate is incredulous! Maybe you meant it, maybe you didn't. Don't expect a gold star for what you do. Ever hear "..thou doth protest to much, methinks"?

Site members here do what they can for the love of cats. In my case, I volunteer in our local no-kill shelter every weekend and sometimes during the week if someone else cannot make it. I have chronic back issues and am pre-diabetic - yet, I clean out multiple cages (35+), do 3-4 loads of laundry in the shelter, work as a "greeter" on adopton days, as well as help out with various fundraisers - above and beyond contributing to this site oh yea, and I work full-time. Am I looking for praise? No. I don't talk about it because we do what needs doing for the love of the animals. So please spare us your holier-than-thou attitude. It is unbecoming.

Nov 01, 2010 Kat Parker
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

I've posted my Kat Parker comment on the 'Man Wanted Kittens As Dinner' page: https://pictures-of-cats.org/man-wanted-kittens-as-dinner.html#comments

I have nothing to add.

Finn Frode avatar

Nov 01, 2010 Shocked? Stunned is more Like it!
by: Jo Singer

I had to read this "article" a couple of times, in fact, to see what prompted this onslaught on Michael, to be honest. While we are all entitled to our opinions, my personal feeling is that opinions need to be based on facts, not just ideas that occur to us on a whim.

Living in the United States, and having to deal with the continued legalization of declawing, to begin with Michael has done an incredible amount of work to help the cats in the USA and Canada to spread the word about the heinous procedure of declawing.

Michael OBVIOUSLY not only loves cats, he adores them. His articles, and the articles that he publishes by folks who LOVE and care for the welfare of all felines, whether they carry pedigrees or are mixed breeds, if you take the time to read them, I think it would be impossible to make such an accusation.

Promoting the welfare of all felines is, in fact the main reason for this series and disseminating information to help people take care of their cats is right there in the forefront.

So I simply must ask for evidence which brought you to this conclusion? As far as I am concerned, I am still scratching my head and going... "DUH??"

So where is your proof lady, to make this kind of mind-bogling accusation against Michael? Enquiring minds knead to know!

Nov 01, 2010 Where did that all come from?????????
by: Sylvia

Somebody obviously got out of the wrong side of the bed today, and the first person to feel her wrath was Michael. Well, I have not met Michael personally, but have experienced his kindness to all cats, and cat lovers alike. You seem to think that he has some sort of "snobbery" towards pedigrees, when in fact nothing is further from the truth. The picture you uploaded, was not a shock to any cat lover, as we all know what happens with breeders. Cats to them are an income, and if they are not going to provide that income they are disposed of, and don't say it does not happen like that because it does. I rescued a Chocolate persion boy, 16 years ago when he was aged only 6 weeks. His breeder had taken him to the vet to be destroyed as he had an overshot jaw, and instead of being able to charge £600 (in those days) for each stud fee, she would now only be able to charge a pet fee of £200, which would only be a one off obviously. It was not the poor little mites fault about his jaw, if she had not experimented so much with interbreeding it would probably not have happened. Anyway he lived with me for 16 years and I sadly lost him in June to old age, but at least he had a happy life and was with me to the end, even passing over in my arms, the greatest compliment any cat can give you. Another persian came to me at 4 months old, a beautiful white boy, whose coat was so tangled and matted he looked like a scene from a horror movie. He had been sold at 8 weeks old to a couple who loved the little fluffy bundle but did not like the fact he wanted to eat more than cake and needed brushing. He is still with me and has a beautiful lustrous coat, but it did not happen overnight and he needs grooming everyday. My point is this that while breeders still irresponsibly breed and sell without due care and consideration for the little mites they are going to keep on being put into shelters or destroyed. Michael does his best to keep cat lovers, rescuers and prospective owners informed of all aspects of keeping a cat, and not just the fairy fluffy side. Moggies or pedigrees they are all the same for me little people with fur coats who need someone to answer for them. Michael does just that.

Nov 01, 2010 Whatever.... (cont)
by: Kat


I meant what I said, but probably not in the way you think or read into it. I was even thinking of how to compliment your Michael on his writing and many of his opinions and some common "fights" we might both be fighting against, and maybe try to explain to him what I was taking about, I never meant to sound so harsh.. it just came out that way --but there's no way to reach only one person, and of course I get the lynch mob again. I told you I am not good on the keyboard anymore, typing. It's the way it is. I have been insulted on here much more than I have even thought about insulting anyone else--hell, i did not mean to insult, it was not deliberate. I just was reacting. The "moron" post, by the way, as I said, was on old Myspace blog-- from years ago, I should have said--nothing I wrote today, but I wanted to bring up the points on it. I cannot win for losing on here. I certainly did not hold Michael responsible for the dearths in the shelters. I just am so very against breeding, I was trying to make that point with the picture. I am done, though. You people just tore me to shreds, and mostly for things so lame, like my typing, and the picture I posted? You can all visit my facebook page and say some more nasty, hurtful things if you wish--if it makes you feel better. I am going to go and try to forget this whole sitch which is very, very upsetting to me and maybe chalk it up to a very bad idea. I do not have this problem with people hating me like this anywhere else. and I don't want to, either. I am sorry, Michael, and the rest of you, that I invaded your space and that this got so ugly. It was not my intention.

This is why I like cats so much better than people.... = (

Nov 01, 2010 Whatever....
by: Kat

I did not intend to attack anyone. I read that Michael wrote me, "What is it you have done to help a cat" or something like that... and it got my dander up. My, my you all are a lynch mob! (With the exception of Elisa,it seems, and perhaps Michael) No, I posted my FB url not so I could get praise--give me a break--but so that if somebody wanted to see what I do, they could look. Michael, I was hoping. I think I have a way of writing that makes people read some thing into it that is not intended. C'mon! He asked me what I do for cats. I am so tired this week from trying to get 200 cats out of several LA shelters where they were put after a raid on a hoarder in Agua Dulche (in Los Angeles), before they were killed there, or got sick and died from unsanitary conditions at the shelters, I just started typing. By the way, it actually hurts my hands to type, due to losing my finger and arthritis. I am sorry if I upset people undeservingly. We got off--this group and me--on the wrong foot (hell, both wrong feet) and I know there is no way to mend this. But I was only trying to tell you that I am a cat person--I work hard, and I care deeply, and I feel strongly about unnecessary euths in shelters and about animal abuse and you just hated me... so if course I reacted again... (CONT..)

Nov 01, 2010 Put you ego away Kat!
by: pammy marshall

Put you ego away Kat! I don't know what goes on in your brain! You should be out there fighting the really ignorant people who think of themselves first and not their pet. These people simply should not have pets full stop.

Why do you aim at that good guys?????

Do you think that you are the only one in the world who cares? If so you are delusional!

Think again, and thing again, and again before you even attempt to defame a lovely caring person like Michael. A bit of humility is called for and PLEASE get your facts right! You are making yourself look silly, and doing yourself no fsvours at all!!!!!!

Nov 01, 2010 Shocked
by: Jane A

You're shocked?

I'm shocked too.

I'm shocked at you for your spiteful attack on a very fine English gentleman of the highest calibre you could hope to meet.

To hold him responsible for the killing of unwanted cats in Rescue Centres in your country because he educates about pedigree cats is not only stupid it's ridiculous.

A lot of PoC is about educating the ignorant and there are various ways of being ignorant.

Attacking a good hearted person is one of them.

I've seen you on other pages too dragging your soaobox with you to stand upon,spout your venom and call those who don't agree with you morons.

Look in the mirror but don't be shocked to see a real moron.

Nov 01, 2010 Too late
by: PoC fan

Elisa it's too late for her to change anyones opinion.

Have you not seen the other pages she's ranted on and called everyone who doesn't agree with her a moron?

No matter what she does now it will not make up for her disgusting attack on Michael and the others she's targeted.

Nov 01, 2010 More ranting from Kat Parker
by: CJ

Another mis-spelled rant by a person so full of self importance and hatred for others she thinks she is the only one to do much for animals.

She's added condescension to her rants now and expects us to go to her facebook page and heap praise upon her.

People who do things for the glory of it are far down in my estimation.

Let me tell you Ms Kat Parker that if you cared half as much as you say you do and if you read even half of PoC then you'd be heaping praise upon Michael and his regulars instead of writing spiteful jealous rants.

And please don't attack Maggie next on here,she has every right to intend to breed pedigree cats in a responsible way.

Nov 01, 2010 She owes an apology
by: Anonymous

Elisa I don't know why you are being nice to that Kat woman,she's not fit to lick your boots.

She has insulted Michael after insulting other members of PoC yesterday and I think she owes an apology to them all.

I don't want to read about what she does,its no more than others here do and what I'd do myself were I not a useless old cripple and why I've remained anonymous as I don't want pity.

Nov 01, 2010 Reality check for Kat
by: Rose

You boast of what you do and say that's for starters.

Don't bother telling us more,I'm pretty sure no one wants to hear any more of you blowing your own trumpet.

We could all start doing it,listing the letters after our names,what we do for animals and how many hours we put into animal welfare.

But no we have much more important stuff to do.

In effect you are saying that no one should breed pedigree cats because so many cats are homeless and Micheal shouldn't write educational blogs about pedigree cats and encourage this.Am I right?

So do you think that because there are lots of orphaned children in the world that I shouldn't have had children and that no one should write mother and baby articles to encourage women to have children?Should we all adopt orphans instead?

You may say it's not the same but what about children starving to death,if we didn't breed our own children we could save them with the food ours eat.

But it doesn't work like that Kat,no matter what we do for children or for animals it's not enough,we can't save them all.

Responsible cat breeders shouldn't be blamed for the bad breeders nor for the cats killed daily.

Do you want every species of pedigree cats wiped out?There are enough species of animals being wiped out already.

You don't read blogs properly,you proved that on the kittens for dinner page so my suggestion is to read more pages on PoC and work with Micheal and his readers not against us.

BTW the picture didn't shock us,we've seen it all before in reality and worse.

Nov 01, 2010 Kat
by: Elisa Black-Taylor

I've never wanted to come through the computer and shake some sense into someone until I saw how you're going after Michael. I sent you the page showing all the cats he's helped. Can you imagine how thankful the people are where he went in and paid the vet bill when they couldn't afford it?

I want to shake you because you could do so much good here. You're working on the inside with the shelter work and could tell all of us here what it's like. You can show 9000+ people a day what shelter work and all the other things you do for cats is like.

Why don't you start over on the site and write some stories. I'm really curious why you have it out against Michael. He IS an expert on declawing and big cats and he's the first I'd go to for a diagnosis.

You don't want 9000+ people leaving negative comments against you and since you put your Facebook address word could spread you're that "crazy Facebook lady."

Do something fast to change everyones opinion of you.

Nov 01, 2010 To Kat
by: Maggie

Kat, you have NO right what-so-ever to attack Michael. If you don't like this website then I highly suggest you cease to visit it.

I have a pedigree cat, and I intend to be a breeder. Let me assure you, breeders do not breed to keep homeless cats homeless. They breed out of their love ans passion for the breed. Most breeders struggle financially because ALL of their money is dedicated to the cats.

Back yard breeds and kitten mills, on the other hand, are very different to the breeders who breed for their love of cats. Take it from me, I'm going to be a breeder in a few future years.

Stop attacking everyone, and if you don't have the self control to do that then leave. Stop wasting our time with your outrageous accusations and personal attacks.

Nov 01, 2010 To Kat
by: Barbara

Kat, your awful picture of all those poor cats is not new to us, we have already seen it and cried over it. Your work with rescue animals does not make you unique Kat, nor does it make you in a position to attack and belittle Michael who each day works hard to educate the ignorant on all aspects of cat care and who donates a lot of time and money to causes that have helped and saved a huge amount of lives of otherwise doomed cats. Moreover this gentleman lives in England and is under no obligation to put himself out to enlighten ignorant (or ill mannered) people in the USA but does so because his love of cats makes him want to help cats the whole world over.

How on earth can Michael influence the breeding of pedigree cats? How on earth can he be held responsible for the number of cats killed in YOUR country? And why shouldn't he also provide some pages that are not filled with doom, gloom and sadness but are about other subjects that are of interest to cat lovers.

What possible reason can there be for your attack on a man who's love of cats is surely the same as yours? The only reason I can think of is jealousy. You are jealous of the fact that Michael talks sense and does good things because you think that the accolade of being someone who helps and saves cats should be yours alone and your jealousy has turned to spite and you are attacking Michael because, like a child, you don't want to share. YOU want to be the only cat saviour. This indicates that you do what you do, and advertise it well, for your own glory and not for the sake of cats.

You are a sad person and I think probably not very nice to know.

Barbara avatar

Nov 01, 2010 Well, since you asked.....
by: (Kat)

OMG... so you don't think that for every single animal that a breeder brings into this this world another cat--a homeless one in a shelteer WILL DIE. FOR EVERY ONE BORN, one will die who could have had a good home. A cat already born, on this Earth, who needed that home. That cat will be killed fpro lack of space/unwanted. You might argue that not everyone wants a "less desirable, throwaway" cat. In which case I would first be thoroughly disgusted with you, and then I would tell you that if those Breeders' cats were never bred, they would NOT be available,and thus the available wold be the shelter cats and if someone wanted a cat, they would find a home, instead of being killed there, or sold to labs for vivisection,which is far worse... Now, that I believe is fact. Don't you?

And, oh Michael... Did you really just ask me what I am doing to help the cat? LMAO Well, dear, don't YOU prejudge or criticize without full knowledge of what YOU are talking about, mmk? This is not the first time I have posted the full URL to my facebook page, where some of "what I do to help the cat" is clearly evident. May I suggest you take a look sometime? I spend from the time I wake up every day, or almost every day, till late into the night working to get cats puled from high kill LA, OC and SD shelters, and raising funds for pulling, transport, and fostering of these cats, and I myself have several fosters and coordinate for foster homes for FOCAS, SD Cats, ARRF rescues in san Diego, and I trap strays/ferals and TNR them, and work the once a month feral TNR clinics for Feral Cat Coalition in San Diego, for starters. i also do vaccinations for low income cat owners in North San Diego County, and I do other vetting like intestinal parasite meds, treat cats for coccidia, giardia, etc for low income and fostering people in my area, AND, and, and... I think that is enough for starters, but it is no way conclusive....

The fact that you are defending breeders, in my book, tells me reams about you already. Nice that you write articles. Bravo. But you are in no way the expert on all that is cat rescue. We could have a pissing contest, but I think it would bore your readers. Anyway, I have already made my peace with Elisa, and I cannot apologize for my being opinionated and for not holding my tongue when I feel something strongly. I hope you have as open a mind as you think you do and you really think about the things I wrote (though they are no where near as articulate as your own words, I'm sure...) Have a nice week, Michael.

**Purrs and katnip** ~Kat~

Nov 01, 2010 To Kat Parker
by: Ruth

I can not believe you have attacked Michael this way, whatever is wrong with you ?

Alright, attack the rest of us if it makes you feel better but you really have no idea of the good work this gentleman does and how many cats he helps in various countries. You have no idea of the long hours he puts in to keep this web site up to make money to donate to needy cats.

Michael doesn't cause the killing of any animal just because he sometimes writes about pedigree cats. It's irresponsible breeders who cause that and people who 'must possess' a pedigree kitten but get tired of him and pass him on to a Shelter. It's people who have kittens declawed and then don't want them when the problems from that cruel operation begin.

The killing of so many animals in Shelters is ALL down to people who should not be allowed to have cats in the first place. It's also down to those who don't have their cats neutered. You could also say it's down to declaw vets who push declawing as it makes them a huge amount of money. Why don't you pick on them for not pushing neutering ?

All other cat lovers I know and I do know many, care about people and the environment too, we can care about more than one thing you know.

AND Michael can write about more than one facet of cats, it doesn't mean he cares about some cats more than others. He doesn't profess to be a cat lover, he IS a cat lover.

His pages are very educational and much enjoyed by thousands daily.

You may help with Shelter animals and think you deserve a medal for it but so do many many many others.

We work TOGETHER and we don't belittle each other.

Picking on Michael was a very bad move Kat !!!!

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

6 thoughts on “I’m shocked! You profess to be a cat lover–rescuer, even?”

  1. I guess I thought this site was against breeding, but I am guessing it is not. I am apparently NOT for breeding. You do not have to post my comments. I’d rather not be part of this page if it is a breeders page.

    • Hi, thanks for the comment. I am actually against breeding of any kind if it is done irresponsibly. That means overbreeding to the point where health is damaged and it also means that people should not breed cats as long as there are cats being killed at shelters that are perfectly good companion animals. It is clearly idiotic to make more cats while at the same time killing unwanted healthy cats. We need to address the mass shelter killings and resolve that matter completely before we can justify breeding more cats. That is a fair and logical argument I believe. It is common sense too.

  2. I must state that I have 6 dogs, all rescued. 1 full blood Bichon (with legitimate papers-but from abusive breeders), 1 snauzer (beautiful dog rescued from people abusing her-papers also), 1 golden-doodle (rescued), one border collie/Australian shepherd mix, Pitbull/Lab mix (backyard breeding), and a Golden Retriever (that was on his last day at the shelter-he had previously been adopted and returned to shelter-too big for their apartment). We are full here, please get your animals fixed.

  3. I can’y follow this whole thread, but I see a lot of bashing about the negativity on breeders. Well good, maybe the anger you feel is actually your conscience. I used to breed American Eskimos. No longer will I do that. It is disgusting that so many can know and see first hand the large amount of animals being killed every day and starving in the streets or countryside after being deserted, and still keep popping out more just because they have a “love” of a breed. Well, maybe if that breed you love so much becomes endangered, breed away. Otherwise go find one that needs a home regardless of it it has papers or not. You sell to a person that you think will take care of the animal because they paid a higher price. That simply is not always true and that is one way that we have overpopulations of dogs and cats. Make your excuses for breeding and attack others for making you angry by stating their opinions. I’d rather be on the saving side of the animals in need rather than creating more while others die.

    • I totally agree with you. Well said. It is common sense to do as you suggest and the decent thing to do. Breeding can not be justified while cats and dogs are being killed every year by their millions.


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