I’m Sick! by Furby

I’m Sick! by Furby

by Furby
(Hodges, SC, USA)

Furby taking it easy

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Furby taking it easy

Furby taking it easy Furby after first vet visit

Hi everybody! It's Furby! I'm sick and I don't like it one little bit. I had all of my vaccinations so these must be some mean little germ critters to have the nerve to attack me!

It all started Saturday night. Mama has been working a lot so Sissy was cat sitting me and noticed I wasn't breathing well. So she hooked up the humidifier and let the machine spit cold mist at me. It took me a few minutes to make up my mind on whether I was supposed to spit back at it. It helped a little, but not much. Sissy was really worried.

Mama got home from work Sunday morning and she was worried about me too. I was sneezing some by then and had a lot of nose drippies. And mama noticed I was having more trouble getting my breath.

Let me tell you what she did! She stuck me in my cat house and covered it with a blanket and put a tube through the house door. Then she turned on a machine (nebulizer) that blew medicine called Albuterol1 at me. It helped a little but not much luck with this either.

Mama went to bed without me Sunday night and I got scared. So I followed her and jumped up on her bed. She held out her arms to me and I let her hold me and I fell asleep on her Hoodie robe blanket. It's gonna be my favorite new sleeping blanket. I just haven't told mama yet.

I was still sleeping good this morning when mama turned on her bedside lamp and about BLINDED me. Geez, what a way to have to wake up when you're sick! Mama saw that I was still sick and got on the phone and called the vet.

She picked me up, blanket and all, and put me in my cat house and off we went. The car was nice and warm and I only meowed one time. I like to ride so I went back to sleep in my house until we got there.

There was snow on the ground so it's been a day to remember. I always wanted to see snow! I saw snow everybody!

I've been dreading the day I'd have to meet my vet. He's Dr. Edwards at Kinard Animal Hospital in Greenwood. He's really a very nice doctor. Even if he did VIOLATE me! I won't tell you what he did to check me for a fever. Cats should NOT have to go through that without some kind of advance warning. Preferably in time to find a hiding place. I had a fever and would have told him so if he'd asked. But I was a good little kitty and let him do what he needed to do.

He said I have upper respiratory disease and he left the room to fix me some medicine to take home with me. Then he came back in the room to talk to mama. I had to hiss at him then. I really did have to hiss. He was talking to mama and he stuck me with a needle and it scared me! It turns out I was sick enough to need a shot. Remember that word, cats. SHOT. Shots are NOT fun.

Mama says she's going to start me on l-lysine when I get a little bit better. It helps keep the virus germ critters from starting up with me again. I'll take anything as long as it's crushed and put in canned food for me to eat. I'm too dignified to have a pill rammed down my throat. Do you all know how scary that is for a cat?

So that's the story of my first sick visit to the vet. Mama likes to treat me with herbal medicine when she can. She uses cider vinegar and honey a lot. She knows when I have to see a doctor for strong medicine.

This was my third vet visit. The first was to the same place I went today and you can read my story here. I saw the same two nice ladies who took care of me when I was a baby. My second vet story was about when I was neutered. The people at my cat doctor aren't boring because I didn't go to sleep like I did at the place where I was neutered.

I love my vet Dr. Edwards and the two nice ladies at the desk. They made me feel better. And I love mama for staying up at night with me when I'm sick and I love Sissy for taking such good care of me.

What can I say? I love everybody!



1. this drug relaxes the muscles of the airways and thereby increases air flow to the lungs.

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I'm Sick! by Furby

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Dec 30, 2010 Get well wishes
by: Anonymous

Get well soon Furby

Dec 29, 2010 Get well soon Furby!
by: Alfie and Ozzie (England)

Hi Furby

So sorry you've been sick and had to suffer that awful thermometer you know where! We've heard about that, rather you than us!!

Anyway your pals in England hope you soon feel lots better xx

Dec 29, 2010 Sweet Furby
by: LeAnn

My sweet little favorite friend,Im so sorry you got sick. Poor little boy,and right after the holidays you feel bad. I hope you feel better soon,and that you keep us updated on how your feeling,and the wedding plans also! I look foward to your stories,and seeing what you have gotten into that day....Please get well soon,we love you Furby...

Dec 28, 2010 I feel a little better
by: Furby

Mama says a lot of this is viral so it takes time to get better. Right now I'm laying with my dog critter Cody. We're having a staring contest. I'm winning. Mama read up a lot on the l-lysine and will get us some this weekend. Mandy has been the sickest. She's on liquid Clavamox but he'll be OK because she's a little ball of spunk.

Being sick sucks! The dog critter are NEVER sick. Mama said her cats were always easier to get sick than dogs. And you can't treat a cat with medicine you could use on a dog because cats are very different.

I'm gonna go claim my sleeping spot again before one of the other critters steal it while I'm gone.

Dec 28, 2010 so sorry your sick
by: Kathy W

Dont feel so bad Furby our little Quanah is sick with the exact same thing. Only hes been to the vets twice because he didnt get better from the first medicine. Now hes on a second medicine and is a little better but not all the way up to par yet. Hes like a wildcat when it comes to his medicine. Theres no hiding it in food, tried that. Last medicine was liquid was easier. Now its a pill and had to get a pill pusher. Oh how he hates it. He cries and yells. He also has to have Baby aspirin for his fever which was 105 (scary) Well hes got one more week to go with the pills.

Dec 28, 2010 Get well soon Furby
by: Walter and Jozef

We are sorry to hear you are poorly and had to go to the cats hospital.

Why is it that when we don't feel good our mammies make us get out of bed and go to a place where people poke and prod us and stick needles in us ?

We do have to admit though that once it's over with and we get back home we usually feel better pretty soon.

Our mammies say it's one of cats follibles, we get poorly quick but thankfully we get better quick too.

They say to tell you get well soon from them also.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Dec 28, 2010 Furby the good kitty
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Now Furby, you know your mamma took you to see Dr. Edwards because she loves you very much. Being sick is no fun, especially the times when the good doctor has to insult your dignity. Just know he does it to help you feel better too.

How are you feeling now? Better, I hope! My mommie does stuff I don't like either sometimes, but I know she loves me, so I try to be good. We kitties need to stick together! GO KITTY POWER!

Love, Abby the cat

Dec 27, 2010 Sick Kitty (Furby)
by: Paula Amos

Elisa, Hope Furby gets better real soon!!!just took one of my kittys to the vet it was also a breathing problem but she is all better now!!!but maybe its the weather???

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