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Immigrant from Sudan Crosses the Mediterranean to Italy with Her Cat — 5 Comments

  1. I really hope there will be a happy ending to this story. After everything they’ve been through to reach a place of safety, they deserve to live out the rest of their lives together in happiness.

    Michael, the UK should have implemented a much tougher health screening process for all immigrants (from high risk countries) years ago. This is why we now have strains of T.B. which are virtually impossible to treat. I guess it comes down to minimising costs to the NHS, but then again how much does it cost to treat people once they get sick?

    • Michele, I am pleased you mentioned the failure to health screen immigrants. It is very odd. Companion animals are handled far more rigorously. Humans are human-animals with the same potential for spreading disease.

      • Michael, you might find this health-screening story from Cyprus amusing. My ex was a chef and required to provide a stool sample so it could be tested for various infectious diseases before he was allowed to start work. Being French, he’d never come across the term ‘stool sample’ before and was mortified when I explained what it meant. He joked he was going to give them one of the cats’ stools from the litter tray, until I pointed out those test results might not be very favourable for him.

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