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Immune systems of cats weakened by Cesarean births? — 8 Comments

  1. I’m not sure that I have a response for this.
    All new to me but interesting.
    I haven’t had any cat deliver by c-section; but, I had 2 healthy children dekivered that way.

  2. Something I have never thought about before – It must be hard on the mama cat because she has to be closed up again and with stitches and giving milk to her kittens whilst healing. IS that even possible or must they be bottle fed?

    • I sort of made this up! Not really. I don’t think anyone has discussed this possibility before but it does seem feasible to me, which is why I wrote the article.

      There are probably some hidden problems within cat breeding that we are aware off as outsiders to the cat fancy which is a closed shop club.

    • The vets I worked for didn’t often have cats in for Caesareans but when we did we always put the kittens with their mother as soon as she woke up but while still drowsy so that they would bond. Cats are so very stoic that the mothers were soon feeding and washing their babies even with their op wound stitched up.
      In those days all stitched up wounds were painted with gentian violet which was harmless but tasted bitter and so no animal would lick at it.

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