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Immunocontraceptives as a potential feral cat population management tool — 2 Comments

  1. That all sounds so fancy and wonderful, kind of like rainbows and unicorns.


    Didn’t their parents teach them that if something sounds too good to be true, that it is NOT true?

    Which brings about a slue of questions: How do they plan to administer the “vaccines”? How do they know which cats are male and which have already been “vaccinated”? How do they know when it is time to revaccinate an individual cat? etc.

    Also, what sort of nasty side effects do the cats suffer? That type of sterilization doesn’t seem right or as effective as they are telling us. Too fishy sounding to me. Maybe it is their way of killing the cats with cat-lovers support? Pretending to do a humane thing?

    Considering Australia’s track record with “wildlife maintenance”, the TNR option is better suited. TNR is permanent sterilization and they can control where the cats live afterwards. Plus, they aren’t spending a ton of money on research to make sure their “vaccine” actually works the way it is supposed to work.

    The TNR option should be reconsidered, especially in light of the rat infestation in areas WITHOUT any cats. Not only would the birds be safe again from feral cats, the rat population would be decimated and feral cats would feast until their death of natural causes (NOT man). A true win-win situation for all.

    • And don’t forget these geniuses brought in snakes to control the rats. Snakes that only eat ONE (!) every few days. Just saying!

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