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Impaired behavior of hairless domestic cats — 7 Comments

  1. I have to get this book…is it part of Irene Rochlitz book? This is a big hypothesis to react to and requires some real analysis especially because I live with and love Paka and have really never studied her. More after I think.

    • I am well aware that the research is about hairless cats in general and I have only one with a peculiar background. Understand that I probably would never have chosen to have one, she was special needs so I adopted her and her sisters to socialize her to be a cat. My opinion of breeders needs to be withheld.

      The one thing that has always made me curious is that when I throw treats, Paka doesn’t find them like the others and It has always perplexed me because it doesn’t seem like it’s because she is partially blind. She prefers I feed her from my hand which now that I read this, may be because of the positioning of her teeth and the lack of whiskers. Nontheless she has no trouble with balls or other toys, large or small.

  2. I think all behavior would be affected. If I were a hairless cat I’d feel very vulnerable in general, every second of every day. Though I’d have no other way of being to compare it to (unless my human put a body-glove type sweater on me) I’d still feel naked. Even then they wouldn’t want to groom it. I think a hairless breed of cat is to their detriment – it’s not natural.

    • Paka is a rescue. The breeder wanted to kill her. She has never known another Sphynx The furries clean the hairless and vice versa. Used to make us laugh when Paka had a hairball. Now they are essentially the same age and grew up together. I just noticed she grooms ME about as much as she grooms the others, much more than the generalized licking the other do to me. It annoys my husband dreadfully and is not fond of her snuggling next to him and giving him a bath. Her tongue is rougher than every cat I’ve ever had. She has never worn a sweater.

      • I neglected to say she is fastidious and spends much time grooming herself so that is completely similar to the others.

        Her ears get dirty and she can’t do that herself so my husband helps her with Qtips and rubs her with wipes as that is suggested. She takes good care of herself so she is never greasy. I’ve heard others get that way.

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