Impressive protest for justice outside Australian court for tortured cat Brandy and tougher punishments for animal abusers

Campaign materials
Campaign materials in the fight for justice for Brandy and in obtaining harsher punishments for animal abusers in Australia. They are well organised and I love to this.
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NEWS AND OPINION: The video explains the alleged crime. It is a good video as it covers all the points. Briefly it is about two boys who allegedly abducted a 17-year-old ginger tabby cat outside the cat’s home with, apparently, the intention of killing her with a baseball bat. A level of wickedness which is hard to fathom. There has been a 15% increase in attacks on pets according to the video. The crime has sparked anger and a protest.

What is particularly heartwarming is the way the cruel crime has galvanised a group of Sydney animal lovers – mainly free-thinking female cat lovers! – to organise and protest outside the court to ensure that justice is done and to also campaign for tougher sentences for perpetrators convicted of animal cruelty offences.

The couple of kids are facing charges of torturing, beating and causing death to an animal, and disposing of a killed or stolen animal.

Here is the news in pictures from the protestor’s FB page.

News on Brandy
News on Brandy. Image: FB
Brandy 17-year-old pet cat
Brandy 17-year-old pet cat. Image: FB
Great team at Vigil For Brandy The Cat today! "We had Channel 7 and Daily Mail Australia coverage." - organiser
Great team at Vigil For Brandy The Cat today! “We had Channel 7 and Daily Mail Australia coverage.” – organiser

Kerin Welford is the organiser of the demonstration. She told Daily Mail Australia that ‘there was a lot of support, solidarity and caring from attendees to Brandy’s family’.

Link to their Facebook page.

Comment: It is impressive. Personally, I love it when committed animal advocates organise and take the time to voice their opinions loudly in public to try and help protect animals against these mindless criminals. It seems to me that these boys thought it was a great lark, a bit of fun to allegedly abduct, brutally kill and dispose of a vulnerable companion animal. That’s devaluing a sentient animal to zero.

And I wonder if the constant attacks by the various federal and local governments of Australia on feral cats has contributed to the perpetration of this crime. The way the government has devalued the cat is very noticeable.

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