Impulsive senior shelter cat adoption before Ed Sheeran concert proved irresistible

Couple Tiffany McClure her husband David arrived at the Ed Sheeran concert in Chicago early. They had planned a meal beforehand but in order to kill some time decided to pop into Chicago’s Anti-Cruelty Society which is described as a ‘comprehensive animal welfare organisation whose mission is to build a community of caring by helping pets and educating people’. They started on this mission in 1899. Tiffany explained that they popped in to the shelter to see some cats and then go to dinner.

Ferdi and Mr McClure

Ferdi and Mr McClure. Photo: Tiffany McClure.

They walked into a room where there were senior cats over the age of ten. They were snoozing. One of them, an orange tabby, woke up, stretched and wandered over to Mr McClure and asked (demanded by the sound of it) to be picked up. He obliged. The cat rested in his arms and snuggled up on his shoulder. The moment was captured by Tiffany. They made an ‘impulse cat adoption’ there are then and can you blame them? They named him Ferdinand (nickname: Purty Ferdi).

Ferdi at home super laid back with Mr McClure

Ferdi at home, super laid back, with Mr McClure.


That is how it is done: it’s how a savvy rescue cat gets his way and gets adopted. It is no good being a wall flower in a rescue centre. You have to put your best foot forward and go for it. This is a good example of how a cat adopts the person and not the other way around.

The picture by Tiffany of Purty Ferdi tells me that he is a very laid back cat in the best tradition of ginger tabbies. Red tabbies, as they are also called, tend to have a laid back, in command, nature.

The McClures attended the concert and then went home with pet supplies bought over the road from the shelter, and Purty Ferdi. Tiffany said that Ferdi spent the entire journey ‘shedding on my lap and meowing loudly at the cornfields’.

Ferdi and daughter. Photo: Tiffany McClure

Judging by their other companion animals which includes and dog and cat the McClures love animals. Ferdi had to integrate himself into a animal friendly home and the dog was a bit scared of him initially. Being a laid back cat he appears to have settled in nicely and made close friends with Tiffany’s daughter Alyssa.

This is a very apt cat adoption as Ed Sheeran likes cats too. Read about it! The McClures say they love adopting senior cats. In general they are less popular at shelters but they shouldn’t be. There are many advantages.

The story comes from the online newspaper.


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