In Act of Gross Stupidity Animal Control Officer Shoots Domestic Cat Dead on Owner’s Porch

I say that the animal control officer was very stupid. I have prejudged that based upon what I’ve read. It may be the case that he was both stupid and malicious but we will have to leave final judgement to his manager, the police and the prosecution service in Baldwin County, USA.

This case beggars belief actually. It just seems so mindless and underpinned by the ridiculous behaviour of an individual whose name is Brian Blackwell who has worked with Baldwin County Animal Control for about a year. He has currently been suspended and sent home without pay. His behaviour is being investigated by his manager.

What did he do? Margaret Clark was the owner of a cat that she rescued from the local animal shelter. The cat’s name was Max. He was six years of age.

In around the area where Margaret Clark lived there were stray cats. She reported this to Animal Control because I presume she wanted something done about them.

She said that she showed a photograph of Max to the animal control officer and, as I understand it, she told him that Max usually stayed on the porch of her home.

While Margaret Clark was out, Brian Blackwell visited the area and her home. He said that he tried to catch Margaret’s cat with a noose. Max lunged at him in defence whereupon Mr Blackwell, who was armed with a county-issue .22 calibre rifle, shot Max dead.

Margaret returned home to find blood on her porch. She has spoken to the police and filed the report with them. The report that I have read on the website does not tell me whether the police are investigating the matter as a crime which they should do but they probably won’t.

Blackwell said that he disposed of the cat. Where is Max’s body? Margaret needs to know and I would have thought that the police do as well.

Blackwell says that he did not know that the cat on the porch belonged to Margaret Clark until she telephoned him after he had shot Max. We therefore have a conflict in evidence and as there are just two people who can provide evidence in this matter, Mr Blackwell and Mrs Clark, you can tell where this is going; by which I mean nowhere in respect of a criminal prosecution due to lack of evidence.

The incident begs the question as to why Mr Blackwell as an animal control officer was trying to catch a domestic cat with a noose. Is that normal? Don’t they use the usual traps? Wasn’t he using a device which is normally used to restrain dogs?

It is of no surprise that Max was defensive and the animal control officer should have known better. The fact that Max lunged at him does not justify killing him. It is outrageous that the animal control officer who is meant to be a person concerned about animal welfare shot a cat simply because he was defensive in response to the actions of the animal control officer.

There are so many things wrong with Brian Blackwell’s behaviour in carrying out his duties as an animal control officer that his manager should come to the conclusion that he is not fit to work in that role and that he should be sacked summarily for gross misconduct. That won’t happen but it should. What do you think?

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22 thoughts on “In Act of Gross Stupidity Animal Control Officer Shoots Domestic Cat Dead on Owner’s Porch”

  1. In Marion County,Fl. all that is required is a valid driver’s license and you take an 8 hour course on a Saturday. The course focus is more on how to handle people than animals. Most AC workers here have no skills or education concerning animals. And cats,in particular,are treated very badly.

    1. Thank you, Geri.
      I could never find out what course requirements AC officers had to take. Now I know – NONE, as I expected.
      If you recall, Geri, I am in Marion County too and have nothing good to say about our animal services here.

  2. I swear to GOD had that been my cat he would have gotten the same done to him,to hell with the authorities!

    1. I feel the same way. I’d have very strong urges to do violence against him and I fear I wouldn’t care about the consequences.

    2. (Let’s see if Michael has the balls to publish this. Bet he doesn’t! It’s okay if you don’t….remainder deleted by admin

      I cannot publish this because you are an unpleasant troll. You just want to cause trouble. We all know who you are. You are almost universally despised. I cannot support someone as unpleasant as you.

  3. No officer has the right to invade one’s porch and kill the resident animal. As far as being rabid, I think “Aussies Rule” may be another “Woody”. Aggression towards being threatened by a stranger with a noose does NOT constitute rabies.

    Sadly, this will be another Tiger story ending in a cliff hanger that is swept under the rug so none can see. Poor Max. I pray that he didn’t suffer as he died. :*(

    A .22 is NEVER a good way to kill an animal as the bullet will pass through without killing on the first shot. Shame on all involved!!!

    1. I bought 5,000 rounds of .22’s to deal with a cat infestation of hundreds of cats. I didn’t waste even one bullet. 1 bullet = 1 dead cat. I still have about 4,000 rounds left should anyone start-up their cat-hoarding hobby in the area ever again. All the cats died in under 3 seconds, often less than 1 second. None even had time to make a sound. Some died so fast that they didn’t even bleed out, it took work to find the entry wound on those.

      Why do you lie so much and try to deceive everyone so much and so often? Is that the only way that you can manipulate others for attention in your life because your vermin cat is just not enough attention? That’s called being a troll.

      1. Sorry but I’ll have to be rude to you: you’re an arsehole. You are banned – bye bye. You are a disgustingly cruel person and you are probably Woody in America. You certainly sound like him you sad bastard.

        1. Michael, WHY in the world are you apologizing for being rude to this… about to say “person”, but I am not of the same species as this repulsive being? Your response is laid back and civilized compared to what he deserves!

        2. Thank you, Michael. In response to the new woody, I have had over 40 years education and experience with firearms and know what the consequences are as well as the ballistics of the varouos types of .22 amunition. It’s a fact that .22 bullets travel quickly enough to pass through their victim causing long, slow deaths.

          So, believe what you want and the rest of us will develop our intellect beyond you.

  4. The cat showed signs of being in late-stage rabies infection. It needed to die. Just as any human that defends the safety and lives of cats over the safety and lives of humans should also die — self-evident pure sociopaths — of zero value to humanity and the world.

    1. I beg to differ TROLL,of course being a vile cat killer in AU ye comment is egregious and ye are a disgusting animal walking on 2 legs with a small woody to match ye brains!

    2. God, you are such a totally moronic sh*t. I have banned you because you are what you are. But you cannot make such a supposition in trying to defend the indefensible.

    3. “Aussies”, YOU are the sociopath! Not sure what you base your rabies diagnosis on, but I am pretty sure you are dead wrong. Why this so called “animal control” person thought a domestic cat was threatening him is beyond comprehension. Sounds like you are one of those morons that seem kind of prevalent in your country, who believe that ALL cats should be killed.

      I have a saying that applies to heartless people like you:

      Sanity does not run in some families.

      Warren, servant to wonderful almost perfectly behaved Ocicats Saphira and Viola

  5. Where I’m at, no AC officer can carry a firearm. But, it seems that some areas permit it. I think that promotes a false sense of authority that should be reserved for law enforcement only, not “critter protectors”.

    This situation is so tragic.

    More so, it’s lame. A grown man, supposedly trained in dealing with animals (Ha! Ha!),feels threatened by a lunging cat? He shouldn’t even be threatened by a hissing, spitting cat that’s clutching his throat.

    The training for AC officers seems to be a big secret as I can’t find anything, anywhere that divulges it. My local Animal Services has been tight-lipped when I’ve asked. Nor, can I find any criteria for who might be suitable for the job. I may write my own and submit it to Animal Services, AC division to review. I think that psychological testing and evaluation should be required, ie. an IQ above 80 and the temperament of a little lamb.

    The courts may not serve justice for this poor cat. But, I think the caretaker has a good case should she choose to sue the officer and Animal Services.

    1. Well said Dee. Excellent comment. I agree that the reaction of the officer to Max “lunging” at him was absurd. I don’t believe that Max did lung at him anyway. I think this is a fabrication to try and justify his horrendously poor behavior.

  6. Unfortunately, these acts are pretty common, and not being handled as the crime they are. I wonder what kind of training animal control officers have. They’re taking “animal control” to new low levels.

    1. I agree with you. The behavior of this officer seems very poor and thoughtless. It is the opposite to what one would hope and expect. Perhaps a lack of training was the reason as your suggest.

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