In Celebration of Charlie

Charlie was euthanised at 12:30 pm today. He had a long illness. I nursed him for about 6 months, quite intensively in the last few weeks. He was deeply loved.

Charlie my cat
Handsome Charlie. The way I’d like to remember him. My photo.
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He was diagnosed with a tumor in the face – in the sinuses and nose. The tumor was pushing his right eye out; it bulged. His left eye seemed to have become sunken. He had to breathe through his mouth for the past 2 months or more.

I had a long discussion with Charlie’s excellent vet, Katy at Vets at White Hart Lane, Barnes, London and looking at all the options decided upon euthanasia for Charlie’s sake. He had become quite uncomfortable over the past week being unable to settle and keeping his head high all the time. Sometimes he scratched his head which I interpreted as trying to alleviate discomfort.

He became passive and lethargic, quiet and weak. Hie eyes became dark and dull losing their life. He had such beautifully bright eyes. I felt everything he felt.

It has been a very stressful time and last night and today has been very hard to cope with.

I inherited Charlie after my mother died about five years ago. He had three legs and a big heart. He was quite an alpha-type, testosterone fueled cat but also timid and sweet sometimes.

Alert Charlie with silky black coat
Alert Charlie with silky black coat

He was handsome and it was distressing to see him lose his looks towards the end.

Now my home is quiet and empty. I miss him already. It seems strange because this is the first time I have not lived with a cat for 25 years.

May my beloved boy cat Charlie rest in peace. I hope he is with Binnie and Missie who passed before him. He will be individually cremated and his ashes placed with those of Binnie and Missie in an urn which I keep in my home.

I will wait before deciding what to do next.

I loved you Charlie and always will.

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  1. So sorry for your loss. Sometimes the kindest thing we can do for our cats is to help them at the very end. As long as he lives on in your memories and has a place in your heart he will always be close by, though in time you will also need a physical feline companion. I still miss Mr Minns and Kitty who both left me this year, but Bast sent me 3 needy tearaways so I wouldn’t be alone.

      • It will be hard for awhile. As you will miss even the little things. Like the sound them Jumping up on things. The cute meow and Purr and when the cuddle up to you in the morning. Thats the one thing I miss still about Cassy. The sweet little way she had for jumping up and smooching and that sweet meow. So I know its so hard. I felt it too Quiet for awhile even though I had four other cats in the house.


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