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In England and Wales Airguns Need to Be Strictly Regulated — 4 Comments

  1. So, you think that by trying to control others that will stop cats from being shot to death, poisoned, or ran-over by cars.

    It is precisely this kind of thinking that is causing just that.

    You can’t control anyone else in the world. But what you can do is become responsible and respectable adults and keep your cats contained. That is the ONLY 100% sure method that protects your cats lives.

    All that this article is doing is making sure more of your cats are shot. Is that what you wanted? I bet you did. Then you can continue on with your poor-pitiful-me self-victimization song & dance act to try to manipulate everyone around you. (Just for more attention in your dismal social-life and for more click-bait income.)

    Do you see how well that works today? It’s not. MORE cats will be shot today just because OF YOU. You should be so proud of yourself.

  2. I don’t believe there is one valid reason for anyone to own a firearm of any sort or use it outside of the strictly supervised environment of a gun club/shooting range.

    “BUT WHAT ABOUT THE VERMIN?” I hear most of the world cry

    Well, there’s always the option of managing your yard properly, clearing away rubbish properly and of course keeping, feeding, worming several neutered and vaccinated FARMYARD FERAL PEST CONTROLLERS!!

    100% organic too!

    How about it UK farmers ? Your livestock will benefit by less exposure to the pathogens carried by these living beings you call vermin and also benefit from a more considered approach to yard hygiene.

    Cats are far more efficient pest controllers than some angry landowner blasting away a split second after whatever species of “vermin” was in their ‘sight’

    If a person of whatever age wants an airgun to shoot living beings for shits & giggles then the only answer is a total and enforced ban. If not a ban, then lets have some magistrates and judges at least sentence animal abusers to the maximum. If the law does not allow for a significant sentence, then the law could be examined and bigger sentences allowed.

    Just restricting the sales of these firearms is so easily sidestepped. A child wanting one of these weapons can just get an older sibling or other adult to purchase it for them. Licences, the same easy side step and there you are, packing enough heat to mutilate, maim or kill an innocent animal.

    A recent chat with a friend in the police force revealed that it’s not uncommon for licenced firearms to being on er, “loan” from the licence holder.

    We have recent reports of schoolchildren, here in England planning firearm/explosive attacks on their school.

    Any legislation surrounding airguns needs to treat their use as significant and serious from the get go. These weapons have for too long been though of ad “not like a real, proper gun” (heard that one after finding one of the teens in a class I was working with carried an airgun on him at all times)

    I hope the hard work by Cats Protection pays off. In current times, cats have never been in so much peril in our supposed animal loving nation.

    • I agree wholeheartedly Jane. Thanks for your comment as usual. I might convert it to an article in due course.

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