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In Los Angeles you will be able to keep a pet cat or dog that you find — 6 Comments

  1. This could be incentive if all pets had to be brought to the shelter and checked for microchips. Pets with chips would be held for x days with the person turning them in having first choice if they pass a background. Pets with no chip could be sent home with their finders if they pass a simple background check.
    Allowing the person who wants to keep a found pet to be in charge of searching for the owner is going to end badly.

    • I agree it’s a bad idea to allow the finder of a pet to be solely in charge of reuniting them with their owner. I’ve seen enough posts on-line (mainly from vocal proponents of keeping cats indoors 24/7)saying any cat on the street is fair game because their owners ‘obviously didn’t care enugh to keep them safe’.

      In most countries, pets are legally considered the property of their owners and just as with any ‘lost property’ there’s a legal and moral obligation to make all reasonable endeavours to reunite that property with it’s owner. Whether that be a Rolex watch, a wallet full of cash or more importantly, a much loved pet.

      • Yes, Michelle. It’s about ownership and about what I call legal ‘title’ to something that one owns and in this case it is a living creature. I don’t think one can be as casual with that as this proposal suggests. This is about legal title, ownership and theft and those aspects of our lives need to be treated seriously.

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