In Memory of Cassy

By Kylee


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This is in memory of my girl Cassy who passed away on 17/1/2014. She had problems breathing and had neurology problems. The vet said she would only last a few more days.

So I made the, ever such hard, decision to let her go. She was a sensitive type cat, timid loved lots of cuddles and was a special girl. I had her for 10 years which I guess is 54 in human years. She helped me a lot when I was depressed and made a huge difference in my life. I wasn’t hoping she would go so soon.

She’s been buried out at my mum’s with an angel protecting her. I got some flowers for her memory. It’s so sad to see her go and I miss her terribly. I’ve put a few pics of her and hope in rainbow heaven she’s been looked after. I’m left with four of her brothers so I know I need to hang in there for her.

Thanks, Kylee

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22 thoughts on “In Memory of Cassy”

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. 🙁
    What a little angel she was. Hold on to the other cats and adopt one in her place if you’re able. It may help ease your mourning. May she rest in peace.

    • hi there im looking after the four remaining cats that i have. will post some time. I have noticed that the other cats, dont seem to like being in the last room she was last seen in. They dont even sleep in there. I guess they can smell her scent still. I been feeling alot better about things. Cant believe it be a week tomorrow. Its just great to have the support of fellow cat lovers. thanks so much xxx

      • Kylee,
        So sorry to hear of your loss. Your story was so sad and touching. I like the way you laid Cassie in the box as if she was sleeping. We always know when we begin to share our lives with a cat that there will be a painful goodbye at some point. We are probably going to outlive our cat.

        My friend Ingrid had the opposite experience. Her cancer, which was supposedly cured when she was seven, came back when she was 41 and took her life. She was most worried about her cat, finding a home for her, feeling sad that Zuli was missing her.

        So even though it’s really hard, Cassie had you right up until the end. You bear the grief, but she does not. She was safe and loved with you, truly a lucky cat in life and death.

        I do believe animals have souls. I find it just silly to say that they don’t. I believe she lives on in some way we can’t fully understand from this plane, but she knows your love still. I believe love survives everything, even death. I’m always telling my cat Monty that for all his short life I will love him, and even after that, forever and ever. He just looks at me waiting to hear a food word.

        • Sorry, that was me, not my husband in the above comment. I forgot to change it back on the computer after my husband commented on my article about the cat furniture he built.

          • thats no problem ruth. I think im getting though this. Things are abit better around here. Going to get a new kitty in about 8 weeks, a friend has some shes going to hold one for me.

  2. So sorry for your loss RIP Kylee it isn’t easy to make that decision but best to let her go than suffer any more I lost my Tiggy last September as she had a heart condition


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