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In Memory of Dexter the Kitten — 3 Comments

  1. I am here to remember Dexter and Drake some apox 7 years later. I will never forget you my baby Boys. God bless you and keep you both always and God get you justice and karma for what you went through and what all the children witnessing went through. Amen Lord.

  2. I’m not sure if this sick punk excuse for a human being and mother has been sentenced yet or not but I will find out soon and if she hasn’t I’m for sure calling the number at the bottom of this post to let them know that they need to give jail time and a lot of it to this dangerous person that for one has severe anger problems and is deeply cruel and deeply mentally not fit to be a mother. Her kids should have been taken away that moment and she should never be allowed custody of them again. I seriously can’t even look at Dexter in a photo no joke I have to force myself to look and then I look away very fast because I start losing it I get so much rage and sadness and almost everyday I think about what happened to those kittens and this has traumatized even my sleep and emotional health and nauseated me at least a few times daily since it happened likeover 2 yrs ago andIm almost 48. If we as a society don’t give severe punishment to this type of crime and cruelty to animals then society will be very sorry they didn’t when this evil person is one day their neighbor or nurse as she claims she wants to be which I thought nurses are suppose to want to make you feel better and enjoy helping a person so do you see this person as that way? Imagine is sumthing ticks her off when sheworks with sick and or frail and ill patients and becomes enraged over the littlest thing what she would do to a human that could be you or your loved one.There is plenty of cases of people that abused animals going on to commit mass if not at least one murder for example the kid killers at Colombine had admitted to torturing animals, Jeffrey Dahmer did and so did recently this gay porn star that filmed his asain lover as he bound him and stabbed him with an ice pick to his death, had sex with limbs of the body he just mutilated and then actually cut from a limb a piece of the man’s flesh and ate it himself. I have some college education, did not finish college but was going to be a psych major so studied it a lot and read it a lot. If thishas traumatized me this badly, all those 4 kids that were forced to witness the murder of the first kitten as they pleaded for her to sttop have to without a doubt in my mind be traumatized over being forced to witness this horrific scene, I didn’t even see it personally just read a lot about. She should have to pay restitution and not the taxpayers, for all 4 of those kids as well as her own 2 kids to get psychiatric help until it is appeared that those kids are healed so that the event they experienced doesn’t effect their lives in the least… for future for their well being

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