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In Memory of Noir — 12 Comments

  1. I had been following Noir’s story when Mercy had her in NC and then Mary adopted her. Her passing is very sad. One of my kitties passed away exactly 3 weeks to the day before Noir. I hope the 2 of them are playing together now. Noir was very blessed to become a part of Mary’s family and we all know how much she was loved and taken care of. Together we can all keep Noir’s memory alive and be grateful for people like Mary and other’s like us that adopt, and care for these beautiful creatures.

  2. Elisa,
    That is such a beautifully touching story that I could not finish reading due to the tears. Thank you so much for sharing and I pray that Mary and her family will be given Great Comfort from God as they mourn the loss of such a dear friend. May God continue to bless this world and its inmates with such beautiful gifts of love and compassion.

  3. so sorry for your loss of noir ive loss many cats and dogs through my life it never gets easyer and you never for get them my heart goes out to you.thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

  4. Oh no….I posted a long detailed comment and it disappeared! Anyway, thank you for the wonderful words and for taking the time to create this! It has been a week (in another hour and a half) since Noir left us. Not a moment has gone by where she was not in my thoughts. I know that so many have loved and lost, and it is has been helpful to hear the stories of other furry friends who have meant so much to people. Animals are such special members of our family and losing them can be so hard. Noir was Daniel’s best friend and thankfully Albert is working on filling the void left by Noir. This has been painful but with all of the support from Noir’s page and the many who loved her it has helped to get us through thus far. Thank you for the kind and loving words. Hugs to Sealy and all your furry ones too. 🙂

    • I posted a long detailed comment and it disappeared!

      Mary, your comment is here. What happens is that people who comment for the first time have their comments moderated. This is the way the program (the website) works. It is to stop spam. For every good comment like yours there are 20 spam comments! True.

      Thank you for your comment Mary. It is appreciated.

  5. Elisa – what a thoughtful thing for you to create and post! Also thank you all for your kind words. It has been a week ago in about and hour and a half since she left us and she has been in my thoughts every moment of this week. I am eager to get her back here and hope that within a few days I will get the call to come retrieve her ashes. I have plans beginning in my head for a memorial garden of sorts with a combination of plants and hardscape as well as lots of ideas from Noir’s friends on her page. I had posed the question to them for examples of ways to memorialize her and they did not disappoint! Lots of really neat ideas. Even though Noir was one of many (so very many) cats I have adopted and cared for in my over 20 years of rescue she was truly very special. She was Daniel’s best friend and a wonderful companion to me as well. While we are heartbroken we will mend. What has been special to me is hearing and reading all the stories of loss from so many of the page members. It has been so wonderful sharing the memories of so many who have been loved and lost. I know I am not alone – most have lost special family members and so we are all in it together. Many mourn for Noir as if she were in their home too – it has been pretty amazing actually – to realize how many people were touched by her and the story of her journey. I am happy to have all of you as friends and appreciate the support very much. Thank you Elisa! Love to Sealy.

  6. I’m so glad Noir found love at last during her final years. So sorry for Mary’s and Daniel’s loss but at least Noir learned that not all humans are horrible like those who hurt her.

    • There are three groups of cat owners: (a) the ones who really care (b) the ones who are ambivalent about cats and (c) the ones who don’t care or dislike cats. It is pure luck as to which one a cat meets. Noir experienced (a) and (c).

  7. I’m not sure whether anyone truly knew how old Noir was. Much like Sealy, she was an adult and could have been an older cat. I’ll be posting the link on Mary’s pages and hope she’ll take a moment to answer. She had a wonderful life with Mary. It’s interesting how Albert is now drawing close to her son Daniel.

  8. This is a story that is both sad and happy. It made me wonder how many abused cats aren’t as lucky as Noir who was looked after so well by Mary.

    The story makes me think of all the abused cats. Maybe it shouldn’t. Maybe it is just my mood right now.

    Elisa, can you tell us how old Noir was when she died?

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