In memory of Wilson Who Only Wanted A Home

In memory of Wilson Who Only Wanted A Home

by Maggie

Wilson busy being beautiful!

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Wilson busy being beautiful!

Wilson was a beautiful Tabby cat. I assume he was just a moggie, but there's the chance that he had a bit of Bengal in him.

On the 28th of May 2009 my mother turned up at our house, I went outside to greet her and she insisted that I get inside the car. I went in, to find a beautiful Tabby kitten sitting on the passenger seat. He looked into my eyes, and I instantly fell in love. My mum told me that she woke up in the middle of the night to find him crawling on her bed, and several nights before she'd heard him crying outside.

Wilson a tamed feral cat of classy appearance
Taken just a few hours after Wilson's arrival
- Photo by Maggie

We took him inside and organized a litter box, a food bowl, and a water bowl. Surprisingly he took to all of them like a fish to water. I spent some time getting to know him. He was lovely, his way of a work out was paw pumping your arm so hard that it went numb.

At that point I had been into cats for about a year, and I knew enough to work out that he was about 5 months old, he was male, he wasn't neutered, and he was now indoors-only!

The same day I introduced him to my 8-month-old Abyssinian cat, Chilli. Chilli has always been a friendly fellow, so Chilli and Willi had opposite reactions to each other!

Wilson and Chilli in a box fighting over it
You can see Chilli's foreleg.
Wilson trying to take over Chilli's box! - Photo by Maggie

Wilson was hissing and getting very defensive, while Chilli was doing all he could to simply touch his new friend, his claws remained in, and not once did he hiss or show any signs of aggressive behaviour what-so-ever. I was very impressed.

As for Wilson on the other hand, there was no way he wanted to take to liking Chilli, so I thought, hmmm, what's every cat's weakness.... FOOD! So I sprinkled dry food pieces on both sides of the barrier, yet very close, both cats ate and got a bit startled when they touched each other, but after a while, they realised neither of them were of any threat, and that's when their friendship began!!

It took no time at all before I had them both racing around the house at all hours of the clock. And I have to admit, although they kept everyone awake, I loved it, the sound of happy cats was like music to my ears!

Time went on, though not much time, and Wilson was my best friend, and Chilli's best friend. He was literally a giant baby, I used to wrap him in blankets and nurse him in my arms.

But things turned bad, and Wilson started having toilet troubles, he refused to use a litter box and was doing his business everywhere. At first I thought it was just because Chilli had been using the same litter box as him, but then I realised that wasn't the case. I did everything I could, I scrubbed the litter boxes over and over to get any smell of another cat off them, but nothing worked.

I was threatened that if I couldn't fix the problem Wilson had to go, I contacted everyone I knew, they all had wonderful suggestions but nothing worked. And on the 14th of June I came home to find that Wilson was gone....

About a week later, I heard from my mother again, she told me Wilson had turned up and she'd taken him in, I told her to make sure he remained indoors only, but she said, 'he needs his freedom'.

I was disgusted and merely replied saying that an owner also needs responsibility! I cried for days prior, and after, Wilson's leaving. It felt so horrible to have him ripped out of my life, I couldn't even imagine how Chilli was feeling...

Wilson a feral cat stretched out on the couch
This shows off his undercoat, notice how it looks like he's
wearing a jacket that get's buttoned up in the middle.
Photo by Maggie.

Months passed, I hadn't seen Wilson but heard plenty about him, my mother had moved to a new place so I went to visit. It was the 6th of November, I turned up at the house and ran into the backyard, calling his name. I was so excited I was going to see my little man again, I missed him like no one could possibly imagine!

But again, my luck hit beyond rock bottom, I heard my mum talking, but couldn't make out what she was saying, until I heard "Yes, that sounds like Wilson!" and she burst into tears. The first thing that came into mind was that Wilson was there, despite the crying, I went over to mum, I asked her what's wrong, and she simply said, "Wilson's dead."

She was talking to a lady who I'd not met, she told me that she'd been walking home from work yesterday evening and she found Wilson lying on the side of road. She wrapped him in a blanket and kept him in her garage. Then the next day she went door knocking to find the owners....

Wilson was just 9 months old when he died. And everyday I regret not teaching my mother about indoor only cats, if only he'd not been outside, he wouldn't have been hit by the car and he'd still be alive today...

In memory of Wilson, my little lynx! ??-??-08 ~ 05-Nov-09, all he ever wanted was a home, and when he finally got one it was taken away from him.

(A note to the administrator, may I please put up some more photos of this beautiful cat?).


Hi Maggie... OMG (to use the language of the young) Wilson was truly beautiful. He would have won at a CFA cat show in the Household Pet division, I am sure. Truly a classy looking cat.

And yes! - Please email me more photos (I will add them to this posting):

substitute at for @ please

I am so very sad about your story. The world is often too hostile for cats, domestic or wild (or in between).

Thank you for visiting and sharing but, really, this is a sad story.

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In memory of Wilson Who Only Wanted A Home

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In memory of Wilson Who Only Wanted A Home

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Jan 17, 2010 I am so sorry
by: Diane

I am so sorry about little dottie was playing outside, I would let her and the others go in and out of the window during the day...and she too got hit by a car or kicked I am not sure which...she dragged herself home...I rushed her to the vet but it was too late..I cried and felt that if I had not let her out I would still have her...My cats are now indoor cats and are either in the house or in the cattery that I built for them.

I am so glad that there are so many people that love the cats and are willing to open their homes to them. We are so blessed to have them trust and love us as they do. I am thankful for people like you.

Jan 16, 2010 Wilson
by: Julie

We keep in touch with one of Boot's families. It was very difficult to let Boots be an outdoor cat and harder yet to trust his care to another family. I would never abandon a cat!It was his neighborhood (three Housholds) and established territory,He would have left to make his way back if we would have uprooted him. I don't want to come off sounding flipant.It would be like putting Grizzly Adams in a High rise!
I see both sides and I am sad for all your pain. My siamese Cao lived to be nineteen. She had cancer. She died in my arms. I know my cats and I do my best to make them happy. I have had only two cat in my 50 years that have refused to be indoor cats. The other was Topaz (in an earlier submission) Our cats can never be replaced however you sound as if you have a lot of love in your heart... and room for another cat. Don't be afriad to open it to another feral. My feral BB and Freya are not litter mates and they use the same litter box(even though they both have their own ) and have no desire to live out doors.

Jan 13, 2010 Somalis
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi again Maggie. I had a Somali once, and if you do a seach here on the site for 'Ivanhoe' you'll find some photos of him.

Sadly Ivanhoe succumbed to FIP at a young age, but while he was with us he was a very loving and playful cat. Soon I'll make a page about his life, because he really deserves being remembered for more than his bad luck.

Anyway, both Abys and Somalis are such elegant cats with the ruddy ticked fur, and that in combination with a good temperament tells me that some day another one will move in with us.

Finn Frode avatar

Jan 12, 2010 Thanks
by: Maggie Sharp

Thank you for your kind words folks.

Losing Wilson was so very hard, like Michael said, he would have been a wonderful show cat, if he were around I can gaurantee we'd be hitting the show benches!!!

Julie, I must disagree, my experience with cats has proven that indoor cats are a lot happier, outdoor cats seem to be a tad more sensitive and defensive... I don't think I'd ever be able to live with the stress and guilt of an outdoor cat, not after what happened to Wilson. =( So, Did you end up taking Boots?

Gail, I did consider that it was a health problem, but I couldn't work out what it was... When he got to mum's he'd been out for a while and seemed to fix himself...

Kathy, that must have been so horrible. =( I wonder what happened to her, maybe she's still around some where...

Finn, have you owned Abys before? In Chilli's life time I'll probably start breeding Abys, but that won't be for a long time, so eventually he'll get a new pal. If not an Aby I'll get a Somali. =)

And finally, Jan, what can I say? Your fine words say it all!

Jan 09, 2010 So sad
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Maggie. Thank you for sharing Wilson's story. It's so sad when the life of a fine young cat is cut short, but you did all you could for him.

I feel sorry for Chilli - he lost a good friend. Abys really enjoy company, so hopefully you'll find a new pal for him some day.

Finn Frode avatar

Jan 08, 2010 Im crying again
by: kathy

Despite all the happy articles on this site, there I am crying again. IM glad you have his memory and I once lost a

Bengal because she just wouldnt stay inside. I trapped her again and again, but once she got outside she was like a wild leopard. She looked beautiful out there in the trees and none of the neighborhood children could get close to her. Everyday they were knocking on my door telling me they saw my cat. Well I put food out everyday for her and one day she just didnt come back. Ill never know what happened to her but I pray for her everyday.

Jan 07, 2010 wilson
by: Julie

Dear Maggie,

Don't be to hard on your Mom or yourself;not using a litter box is often the only way a cat can tell you that although he loves you ,he rejects the indoors. Next they try and bolt out the door everytime it opens. They longingly stare out the window. They get depressed.

I have had two cats that could not be made into "indoor"only cats. My vet told me that indoor cats live longer but outdoor cats are happier and healthier.Our Boots was an outdoor cat. He was born in Prarie de Roche along the Missisippi river.His owner had a free kitten sign in the yard. My husband had to crawl under the house to get him. Boots always hated the indoors. We would bring him in when the weather was bad. We lived in a subdivison of five acre tracks;mostly woods.We move their with Boots(about four months old).When we went to move (after two years, we naturally thought we would take Boots. He was in a neighbors garage. They objected and claimed he was their cat. Turned out he had three families that loved him just as much as we did!

Jan 07, 2010 Wilson the Magnificent
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

It is truly heart-breaking to hear the story about Wilson. Please take comfort in knowing that you did your best. Sometimes people think they are doing cats a favor by allowing them their "freedom" only to experience the tragic results.

It was a neat trick about the food to get your two furkids to get to know each other. I wonder, though, if the sudden change of toilet habits had anything to do with a hidden health issue? Cats have a way of hiding things from us - the survival instinct. It sounds, though, like Wilson just wanted to be in a one-person cat family.

Now that Wilson has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, he is at peace and can frollic to his heart's content. As time passes, you'll find Wilson's memory will be sweeter for the brief time he spent with you.

Jan 07, 2010 Wilson
by: Jan Plant

What a sad story,but it is wonderful of you to share this with us and dedicate this to his memory.Tragic how short our furry friends are in our lives sometimes,yet even the short time they are we can consider ourselves blessed.

Jan 07, 2010 I forgot
by: Michael

I forgot to say that was a neat way of getting Chilli and Wilson together. I think you understand cats.

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