In memory of Zeb: When I would tell people about Zeb, I would call him my soulcat.

This article is devoted to the memory of Zeb, who first graced the pages of PoC in December 2014. You can read about his journey from being in a shelter, to being rescued, fostered and finally adopted into his forever home by clicking here and here (Articles will open in a new window).

Zeb in happier times
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Zeb was rescued by City of Elderly Love (COEL): Save a Senior Pet.  COEL posted on their Facebook wall about the 12+ year old kitty in December 2014

“Old-as-dirt, missing an eye, only has 4 teeth, and is FIV+? He’s perfect! This majestic old man had our foster parents fighting over who got to bring him home. He’ll be joining us from a Philadelphia-area animal shelter within the next couple days!”

The handsome old man kitty with the old-soul eyes has gone from the Cumberland County SPCA – NJ to foster care with Sarah Trainor to a forever home with a lady named Beth. For almost three-and-a-half years, Beth and her children spoiled sweet Zeb. His Facebook page grew to more than 7,000 fans who followed his adventures with his forever family and the foster cats who joined them.

Zeb even had his own logo

Unfortunately, Zeb took a turn for the worse and left this world May 14. Beth confirmed the news Friday thanking everyone for their support over the years.

“I’m completely overwhelmed by the love in all of your comments, posts and messages. Please know that I read every single one. Monday was an absolute nightmare, saying goodbye to my best friend on top of scrambling to pack and move out of our house. Every once in a while when I felt like I was going to break down I would check in and read a few comments from you guys and I can’t tell you how uplifting it was. Thank you.

May, 2018

I want to thank Dr. Shreiber from Valley Veterinary Hospital for taking time to come out to my house on what I’m sure was a hectic Monday full of appointments. Zeb received the best care from him over the years, and that continued up until the very last second.

Lastly, thank you to everyone at the Cumberland County SPCA – NJ and City of Elderly Love: Save a Senior Pet for bringing Zeb into my life. If you feel inclined to make a donation in Zeb’s memory, please do. There are so many animals just like Zeb (well, maybe not JUST like Zeb…) who need medical funding in order to start over in wonderful new homes. And next time you decide to adopt, please consider the old, the sick, the ugly, the shy…the broken. It’s in your power to piece them back together.

I can hardly believe I’ll never again feel him bash his face lovingly against mine, drool in my ear or steal my pillow. I am sad to have moved from the home where Zeb spent his life with me, where I knew the sound of his paws padding down the hall, where I could see him in the kitchen next to me, begging for food. At the same time, I think that starting anew will help me begin to move on.

until we meet again…

I could go on forever about how much he meant to me, and how a piece of my heart is gone. When I would tell people about Zeb, I would call him my soulcat. Knowing they didn’t fully understand, I’d try to explain further. “No, you don’t understand. He’s not A cat, he’s THE cat.” They’d dutifully nod, but I think they’d finally start to understand when I’d say, “No seriously, I have his face tattooed on my arm!” I know I’ll love plenty of cats in my lifetime, but there will never be another Zeb.”

Beth, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Most animal lovers believe in “soulpets” and are quick to tell a story about a very cherished pet who has crossed the bridge.

Readers, please take the time to view Zeb’s Facebook page and leave a note of condolence. Rest in Peace, Zeb. You had an amazing life and we’ll all miss you dearly.

4 thoughts on “In memory of Zeb: When I would tell people about Zeb, I would call him my soulcat.”

  1. Beautiful Soul Cat Zeb! What a loving, handsome fella you were. Those last few years living in love & comfort must have been ever more sweeter, with your Soul Human, as you had been through so many very hard times.

    You left a profound mark on all our hearts Zeb.

    Run free, catch many mousies xx

  2. I have followed Zeb since his rescue. So sad that he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Shine brightly in the night sky Zeb. I know that you will be smiling at us. 😭💜💜

  3. I remember when his pic first went viral. He looked like it was a rough day, but he was ready for more. He was a phenom before he was adopted. I will miss his sweet face.


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