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In New Jersey You Can’t Trap and Shoot a Cat Just Because it is on Your Property — 2 Comments

  1. If New Jersey uses this “disorderly conduct,” then what do the other states use, Michael? What does England use when a domestic feline, feral or otherwise, is killed by a civilian?
    This is our job as citizens of any state, country or city to define current day issues a lot more specifically? Based on current needs. Is this what we need to do? I’m asking, because I care.

    • Hi Caroline. The other states use similar law to UK law with respect to animal protection. The charge is filed under animal cruelty; so, for example, a person would be charged with an animal cruelty misdemeanour or felony as opposed to, in this case, a public disorder offence.

      As I mentioned, I find it rather peculiar that New Jersey categorises animal cruelty under “public disorder”. This appears to be the case unless I have missed something. Of course, animal cruelty is a form of public disorder but it needs to have its own category. It should not fall under an umbrella term such as public disorder.

      It is interesting to note too that I could not find the actual statute. Normally I’m able to find animal cruelty statutes with respect to the states of the USA. The difficulty in finding the statute is perhaps because, as mentioned, animal cruelty is listed under public disorder.

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