In Paradise a faint feline cry emerges from the tombstones of burnt out cars; the rescue can begin

Cat rescue from Paradise Fire
Cat rescue from Paradise Fire. Video: Douglas Thron.
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This cat rescue is heart stopping. You’ll focus on the film because it is very intense. And the central character is a man called Jay, a great guy, fearless and committed.

Cat rescue from Paradise Fire
Cat rescue from Paradise Fire. Video: Douglas Thron.

The landscape is ghostly and devastated. There is a faint feline cry from among the shells of burnt out cars looking like tombstones in an eery forest cemetery.

I love the resourcefulness of this man who has rescued roughly 50 cats over the past year in other fires.

He doesn’t mess around. In this rescue, he finds the cat has miraculously survived the fire which must have raged through this area of forest. It’s called ‘Paradise’. It must have been but it must also have been hell on earth for a while and now it is post-apocalyptic.

The cat is trapped so he jacks up the car and crawls under it before valiantly grabbing the cat who naturally objects. He quickly places the frightened feline in a carrier. He rushes to the nearest veterinary clinic. Another successful cat rescue from a forest fire but he can’t save them all. Sadly some are hurt too badly. It is such a tragedy.

Jay is a resident of Sonoma County. He loves cats. You can tell that because it comes out in his determination to save them under fearful conditions.

He describes the Tubbs Fire, “There were 50 mile-an-hour winds and ash was raining from the sky like silver dollars…” Wow, and he dived right in to save cats.

At the time Jay was recovering from brain surgery so he had time to rescue cats! Brilliant.

Cat rescue from Paradise Fire3
Cat rescue from Paradise Fire. Video: Douglas Thron.

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Jay became well-known and photographer Douglas Thron was asked to follow Jay around for a film due to be aired in the not too distant future called “The Fire Cats of Santa Rosa”.

Jay is modest. The best guys are. He said,

“It’s about the cats; it’s not about me.

These people have lost everything. Everything is gone, and you bring them their cat back and that cat becomes a beacon of light for people who are living in a sea of darkness. To this day, I still talk to many of the people whose cats I’ve rescued, and that means everything to me.”


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