In the last 25 years she has saved 30,000 cats

Lynea Lattanzio, who founded and runs world famous The Cat House on the Kings has, with the help of assistants, saved 30,000 cats over 25 years on her 12 acre rescue facility which used to be her home. She moved out into a trailer within the property and gave her home over to the rescue cats of which there were 700 at one time. I believe that this number fluctuates slightly and I recall that at one time there were up to 1000 rescue cats on her property.

I felt that I had to publicize the figure of 30,000 rescue cats over the 25 years that they’ve been rescued at the facility. I would hazard a guess and say that this is the largest number of cats rescued by an individual in the history of cat rescue.

And of course one of the most remarkable aspects of this cat rescue facility is that the cats are free to roam and not confined to cages and indoors is the case in most cat rescue organizations. I guess she was blessed with a very large home and garden which is unusual. I don’t know how she acquired it.

The video explains it in the words of the founder herself so I won’t waste more time by repeating what the video says. Let’s just admire the lady for what she is and what she has done and visit her website by clicking on this link particularly if you want to donate. I know that a huge amount of money is required to run this facility annually. Perhaps her greatest skill and success is in raising the money. It’s an awesome effort.

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  1. Lynea Lattanzio is one really strong and special person. I am in awe of her ability to help cats and other animals in need. She is devoting her life to her love of cats.


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