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In the Olympics Horses Should Get a Medal As Well As the Rider — 8 Comments

  1. im with u on this one Michael. i think the horse is as important, if not more so, than the rider…lets face it without the horse there IS no event, right? so, yeah, Mr Ed deserves a medal as much as his rider did. im sure though that at this level the rider looks that the whole thing as a group win, but hey maybe they SHOULD lobby for their animals to get medals too. in THAT way it COULD raise awareness of how important animals really our in our world.
    you know there was a time when our animals VERY important to us. our livelihoods depended on them. farmers had cats & dogs to fend off predators, rats, etc. if ANYONE killed them they were in for a world of hurt as well as legal problems which would include monetary compensation AND being forced to provide a new animal to take over for the job of the last one. its unfortunate that people look at their pets, the pets of others, as an appendage(& a useless one at that)to be clipped & discarded without any thought or care…& we let them get away with it! i mean our legal system does due to the shift in titles of these animals from “working animal” to “family pet”. its sad, but maybe an Olympic medal COULD help to redress the balance. who knows?

  2. I agree. Once the horse is trained, he does all the work. The rider just tells him where to go and what to do next. The animals should be recognized as well as the owner/rider/trainer/handler in all animal sports.

          • I have never seen anyone pin the ribbon on anything but their horse. All of my horses rosettes are carefully mounted in scrapbooks along with pictures of my horses. I see it as an easy extension for most riders at this level to see their horses medaled with them.

          • You’re welcome, Michael.

            I agree with M E King, a true horseman would indeed be honored for their horse to be the medal recipient.

  3. I could not watch the youtube. These horses are indeed athletes in their own right. They are already the elite in their sport. I don’t think it would be unreasonable to medal them with their teammate. The pair move like smooth flowing water. She does have a tendency to tic her chin down now and then. Honest Charlotte he’s perfect.

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