In the rubbish bins we found one female kitten and more

by Heather Sinclair
(Puglia, Italy)

We emigrated to another part of Europe for the country life and next to a nature reserve that is pretty much unmanaged and very soon found that people were driving out of the town and dumping live animals in the rubbish bins or just out of their cars and driving away.

In the disgusting (unrecycled) rubbish bins we found one female kitten and later, a few days before Christmas, two tiny dogs that we rescued.

Other male cats, hungry have found us here, arriving in a desperate condition.

It’s really heartwarming to see them improving with regular feeding and a warm place to be, but the situation is still terrible.

We cannot afford to have them neutered and so to date we have 11 cats and three dogs and now the females are in season again …help!

If anyone has any information about funding to help? I’d be very grateful.

Email to:

We’re happy to let them stay with us and in our large garden, we have the space to build a sanctuary for them, but cannot afford to feed more animals, we’d just like to care for the ones we have already.

Thanks to Steve Wozniac, your video was great.


In the rubbish bins we found one female kitten and more to Feral Cats

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In the rubbish bins we found one female kitten and more

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Feb 14, 2011 my thoughts
by: Kathy W

You are so kind to take care of these poor defensless creatures. But being near a dumping site I doubt if the dumping will stop. I understand how you feel. I am currently feeding a poor cat that someone dumped or moved away and left. I know he was someones pet because he sits at my door and wants in. Hes so friendly and I feel so bad for him. Its cold out now so I cant much time outside with him but we have a glass storm door all the way to the floor so I leave the door open sometimes when hes there so he can visit with us and our cats through the door. I already have 5 cats and I dont think our landlord would allow us any more cats since we live in a 2 room cottage. Theres also a feral cat I like to take care of and the 2 of them dont get along. We have spay and nueteur programs where I live. I wish you luck, you have a kind heart.

Feb 13, 2011 Humane Societies of Italy
by: Sam

I am totally ignorant about the existence or nature of any humane societies in Italy. But, here in the U.S., often times local county humane societies will spay females at little or no cost.

They just as often do not, however, subsidize the cost of neutering males. Seems like we should all help to do both sexes.

I empathize with your situation and have been through a similar experience. I adopted two bob-tail queens from a brother who couldn’t keep them and I didn’t have the money to spay them. I put it off and it was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done.

I was keeping them inside despite their pleas for escape so that they could mate, until I had the money to fix them. One night they escaped (overwhelming hormones), and both came back pregnant. Before I knew it, I had found homes for over 12 kittens!

Needless to say I came up with the money after this near-crisis. Cats will breed like rabbits, and before you know it, there will be hundreds of them. (Testimony to their evolution and species survival!)

Borrow the money if you have to, solicit donations, whatever it takes, but get them fixed!

Feb 13, 2011 To Heather
by: Ruth

How kind you are to rescue those cats and dogs. Some people are so cruel, dumping them, it must be heartbreaking for you seeing them so desperate.

Have you thought about asking your local vet if they know of any help you can get for neutering the cats ?

We are lucky to have Cats Protection here in England who help out with vouchers, maybe there is an equivalent in your country ?

Good luck, you deserve some help.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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Feb 12, 2011 Shocked
by: Michael

Thanks for sharing. I like to hear from different parts of the world and I have not heard from Italy for a while.

I am shocked in one way but not in another. It seems that this kind of animal cruelty happens anywhere. I find this very sad.

As to funding, PoC does provide modest funding but at the moment the finances are stretched due to other costs.

I hope someone can come forward and suggest something.

Isn’t it a crime in Italy to dump a cat in a rubbish bin?

In the UK it is. This lady was convicted of animal cruelty:

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