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In Words: How do you measure a cat’s age? — 2 Comments

  1. Yeah I think the teeth are the best way to tell – just that even that is not easy. The amount of times I have heard people say that they were told their cat was a certain age but later the cat gets sick or has teeth removed and they are told that actually the cat is alot older than they thought.

    I think even with the teeth to go by they still get it wrong by a good 5 or more years sometimes. So it’s just not easy and depends on the cat’s life and health til that point. A cat from the streets who has survived alot will look much older than an indoor cat the same age because his body is literally more used up. Little kittens have the softest toe pads – and gradually they change. But when they live indoors alot they stay much softer for much longer. The calculation must therefore include as much background information as possible in order to get closer to knowig their true age.

  2. If I rescue a kitty, and don’t know his/her age, I generally go by teeth and activity levels as well as discussing it with my vet to get an approximate age for them (in human years). . .then I give them an approximate birthday!! <3

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