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Inbred royals were less capable so what about inbred purebred cats? — 1 Comment

  1. There is a “Half-Truth” in the fact that inbreeding of cat’s for development of different “Pure Breed” cats causes them to be less intelligent although definitely with a immune system much inferior to normal random bred cats.My own late 13 year old Traditional Long hair Persian (Doll Face Persian) cat “Matahari” was one of the most intelligent pet’s i owned and that includes 2 dog’s and a iconic 22 year old Alexandrine parakeet “Mittoo”.”Matahari” at times was almost human like in her behaviour and had a passion for playing “hide-Seek” with us,hiding in cupboards and drawers whenever they were left open.She was the catalyst for formation of India’s first cat show and also the formation of “cat Groups” in India. Sadly she expired in August 2020 shattering me emotionally . Her kitten “Matata” now 12 years old is not as intelligent as his Dam “Matahari” but extremely ferocious akin to a wild cat and till today since kittenhood has never visited a vet.Will he outlive his Dam’s age of 13 years is a big question mark as i feel Persian cats have many inherent medical problems and are not long lived.
    Below is a beautiful candid photo of Late Cat “Matahari(White )” and “Matata”.

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