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Increase In Women Hunters In America. Why? — 6 Comments

  1. Doesn’t matter. That cat, any cat, that is allowed to roam free deserves to die. Until you gasp that FACT, then cats will still be shot and poisoned everywhere they are allowed to roam free. The ONLY THING that stops cats from being shot and poisoned to death is when criminally irresponsible cat-owners stop letting their cats roam free. No sooner. No later. Your fault. Your choice.

  2. Note the picture of the woman hunter, and how she’s not only sporting the outfit, but is also heavy make-up….
    I realize this is probably taken from an ad, but it’s so unrealistic.

    I think Elisa’s comments about other influences are right on target. And, there are plenty of places in the US where food isn’t readily available, due to poverty or isolation. Also, “preppers” feel a need to have guns/bows & arrows for protection and for hunting when TSHF, which looks like a potential reality.

    We can see videos of people rioting in markets to get jugs of water, when their water was contaminated. As prices rise, with low wages remaining the same, people aren’t able to buy basic necessities, meat being one of them, for many families. It seems natural to turn to hunting as a way to feed ourselves, especially if prey is available close by.

    If I had small children, and I was caught in this position, I wouldn’t hesitate to hunt, but more than likely I would start with fishing. I actually did some spear fishing in Hawaii, along with gathering Ophii from the cliffs and under water. We ate everything we caught. I liked the challenge of catching dinner.

    It’s never easy to predict what we would do in a dire survival emergency. At my age, I might turn to plant life to keep me alive for awhile, but without water, it wouldn’t be for long.

    We’re in a severe drought in Northern California, and yet people continue to ignore it. Our many wineries use the largest amount of water, which run the wells of many families, dry. We’re in a huge battle right now, to prevent a huge winery from being built, which not only would take massive amounts of water, but is also a danger to wetlands, a historical trail, and would create an increasing amount of traffic with 60 events a year, on a street that’s already problematic for pedestrians and motorists with many accidents.

      • Yours is accurate. There are just a lot of outside forces. Hollywood is one.

        And the price of beef in the U.S. is too expensive for a lot of people to buy. Plus you have all the hormones that contaminate the meat. In my area a deer can be processed for around $50. There’s one not even a mile from me.

        My ex sister in law hunts with her husband. I don’t understand it but they do it a lot during season.

        • The idea of individuals hunting for food is unheard of in the UK, almost. Perhaps this is why we find it hard to understand. That said, I believe most hunters are sport hunters and they hide their pleasure in doing it by calling it a necessity to eat.

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