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Increased Female Cat Spaying is the Principal Answer to Cat Population Control — 3 Comments

  1. It would be cheaper for the governments in my country and yours to provide S/N at no cost. I’m not talking the slash and burn S/N bus but well monitored and safe S/N. At that time a pet owner has the chance to establish a relationship with a vet or clinic and get into the system so to speak so vaccinations stay up to date.

    • Pay for the cost of my parrots, aquariums, and terrariums too; and then we’ll talk. If you can’t afford the cost of one of your pets you don’t deserve to have a pet. It’s not anyone else’s responsibility to pay for the cost of the type of the pet you choose. Should I keep elephants and giraffes for pets too and then demand that the government pay me for the cost of the responsible care of them by taxing you for it?

      • I feel the same about dogs which I personally don’t like. The two most common animals in shelters. It is the humane and quickest way to reduce excess populations. Of course there are other ways and those pages might be more to your taste.
        You are already paying taxes to house and S/N and it is endless. Increasing the cost for breeding kennels and individuals who keep intact animals to about 500$ a year and then enforcing it. Right now where I live you can get a dog license for under 30 bucks for an intact dog and a kennel license for 125$
        This also goes back to Michael’s piece about lack of planning for a pet ends with the cat/dog being either dumped or poorly cared for which in turn become feral breeding cats and we now have problems with feral dogs.

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