Incredible Moment Two Guys Pull Twin Cats From River in Alabama (Video)

A must-see video. You’ll like this.

  • Two guys out for a spot of fishing on a flat calm river in Alabama see a tiny ginger speck swimming towards their boat
  • They realise that it is a cat and find it extraordinary
  • One guy gets into position and pulls the young cat from the river by the scruff of the neck
  • Then they see another cat jump into the water from a distance
  • We then see this cat swimming towards their boat meowing, calling “I’m coming”
  • The video concludes with the kittens shaking themselves dry on the boat delighted to be with humans

What happened? Why were the cats on what appears to be an island in the middle of a wide river? Looks they could have been deliberately abandoned. That is what one of the fishermen believes. The cats were clearly keen to get off land to the boat. It seems they were trapped on an island and starving. I dearly hope they were well looked after by these guys. I reckon they were.

Fishermen rescue a cat
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Fishermen rescue a cat from a river in Alabama.

The video proves yet again that domestic cats are natural born swimmers. It’s in their DNA.

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Fisherman rescues second cat from the river

Fisherman rescues second cat from the river

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