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“Incredible Singing Cat” is vocalized anxiety — 4 Comments

  1. Um… Steve Cash uses a pitch shifter to over dub himself as Sylvester’s voice in the “Talking Kitty Cat” YouTube series. This cat is NOT singing… He’s hissing at the new foster kitten.

  2. When I first saw this, I thought the cat must be in some kind of distress from whatever the man was doing to provoke this response.

    I saw another cat in a different CATegory that had a very unusual meow. It sounded more like when a cat sees birds, and makes a kind of chirping sound. But this went on and on. It might have been classified under “unusual meows”.

    There are very creative ways to get cats to do things when we want to photograph or video them, but I usually just try to take advantage of the moment, if I can. They really seem to have an unlimited number of actions that make them the number 1 most searched subject. I think it’s still true.

    I just read about a cat that lived in a wall for 5 years in Egypt. A kind older man fed him and gave him water through a small opening. The paw is visible taking the food, in the video.

    Activists were able to get the wall torn down, and the cat quickly ran away. The cat was a kitten when first trapped, so never had any exposure to the world, so it must have been like a “re-birth”.

    Although the chances for survival are very low.

    What a kind person to dedicate 5 years to keeping a cat alive in such a situation.

    • There are very creative ways to get cats to do things when we want to photograph or video them

      I think this is a key sentence. The video maker may have been doing something that worried the cat and stimulated the so called ‘singing’.

  3. The term vocalised anxiety is very apt. Unfortunately the owners of the cats in these videos have failed to recognise that. Or perhaps choose to ignore it for the sake of having a popular video on Youtube 🙁

    Any cat owner worth their salt knows that lower vocal tones indicate stress or anger and the cat’s body language confirms their emotional state. The lip/nose licking is a dead give away when a cat is nervous. In most of these videos, the cause of anxiety is another cat in the room.

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