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Indecent: cat killed on road was disposed of by council in roadside ditch

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: A one-eyed tabby cat called Muffin living in the Auckland area of New Zealand (Titirangi) was killed on the road. Her owners, as is quite typical, did not know what had happened to her and they put out a call on a community Facebook page to try and find out. Facebook came up trumps and they were told that she had been killed on the road and that a kind person had lifted her off the road and placed her on the grass verge.

Muffin. Photo: Her owners. RIP.

Muffin’s owners rushed to the scene of her death but she was no longer on the grass verge. She had been picked up by the Auckland Council’s contractor, Fulton Hogan. Muffin’s owners eventually got through to the offices of Fulton Hogan after four calls to the local council. They had expected that the remains of Muffin would have been taken to the local Animal Welfare Centre in Henderson.

There were shocked to be told by the manager of the company’s Henderson Valley branch that their cat’s body had been disposed of by an employee by throwing her down a cliff in dense vegetation on a road. This turned out to be incorrect information.

Muffin’s owners wanted to go to the place where their cat had been disposed of and they travelled there with company staff and climbers to try and retrieve the body. They could not find the body but an hour or so later they were informed that Muffin had in fact been disposed of in a ditch 10 km from the Henderson offices. This was clearly against company policy and against council policy. The staff discovered this by reviewing GPS tracking from the truck that had carried Muffin’s remains.

The owners wanted to know exactly where it had happened and after they had recovered Muffin’s remains they requested the GPS coordinates of the place and went to it under torchlight and found, at that, place multiple bones including a rib cage suspected of belonging to a deceased dog. It appears that this council’s contractor had been disposing of the remains of other animals at the same spot.

There are calls for the local council to look into this practice which has been described as indecent by the council.

The actions of the individual concerned are contrary to common decency and our company values and procedures around how we recover the bodies of pets, and we are currently dealing with the individual in an appropriate manner. – Fulton Hogan’s Auckland regional manager Gavin Riddle when interviewed by the New Zealand Herald newspaper.

Comment: what other misdeeds are taking place under the auspices of the local authority? If one couple unearthed this does it not point to other examples of indecent and perhaps criminal behavior?

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  • Not only indecent, but the employee was not performing according to expectations. I hope this is the end of it.

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