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India: I couldn’t save a kitten from being killed by three dogs — 8 Comments

  1. Very sad story. I understand the grief of HS. That poor little kitten, such a terrible ending makes me sad.

  2. What a very sad story, that poor young person frantically trying his (or her) best to save the kitten, I can’t see how he can ever get over the trauma, especially with blaming himself. ‘Feeling worthless and a waste of creation’ has me in tears, were you able to contact him back with some words of comfort Michael?
    I just want to put my arms around him and say how brave he was to try to save the kitten and how cruel life can be to innocent creatures and it’s not his fault.
    It’s a dreadful scenario altogether, evil dogs roaming around and homeless cats having kittens, how many ever survive?
    This story will stay in my mind.

  3. Oh that poor man, that would have been horrible to witness that. Its so hard to do the right thing. It would of been terrifying situition to be in. Interesting story of life in India. I hope that many can get some help or support. He did at least try to do the right thing. I think that kitten was crying out for someone to help him/her. Even though he couldnt do it, it would of still took courage. Hope he’ll be ok 🙁

  4. I would be distraught if I witnessed something like that I would never forget it I get scared for my Honey cat because more and more irresponsible dog owners walk their brutes off the lead past our house and Honey ventures to the end of the drive

  5. I’m so grateful for you! You did your best and I think that God will be pleased with how hard you tried. Next time it happens take a shirt or a sack or anything that can protect you from the kittens claws, pick her up and hold her close to you. I know food is scarce, but a scrap of food, milk or even a tin of water will shut her up. Do not fight the dogs! Protect the kitten until the mother can rescue her.

    You did a good deed for that kitten. Perhaps she will await you in heaven, to be her master there.

    God bless. 🙂

  6. I feel equally horrified for that poor kitten as well as poor H.S. The feeling of helplessness in that situation would drop anyone to their knees. I understand the way he is beating himself up too. But, I hope he’ll be able to reach some state of peace down the road.
    I witnessed 2 such fatal attacks also; one by a jack Russell dog; the other by a raccoon. It happened in a flash, and there was no time to intervene.

    • It must be horrible to witness. I feel HS is being too tough on him/herself. But I understand. I think it is a nice story albeit sad. We get very few Indian/Asian cat stories.

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