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India: man throws neighbour’s rescued cat from 16th floor of high-rise building — 10 Comments

  1. No matter the age, death is the only justice for any and all animal abuse! I’m so fucking sick and tired of assholes getting off with fines or jail time and doing it over and over again!! This dick does not deserve to live!

  2. How low can arrogant humans sink?

    If the cat murdering moron had issues with the cat entering his apartment, he should have taken it up with the poor cat’s guardian.

    Like all abusers, the cat murderer is a scummy coward of the worst type. I too hope he faces severe justice.

    Nothing done by any animal deserves such repulsive violence from a human.

    The maid was very brave. I hope she can find a better employer. It would be better for the murderer’s wife and baby if they escaped this disgusting, bullying thug, leaving him to rot in his own hatred.

  3. I don’t know what to say besides how overwhelmingly sad I am about the poor cat and outraged at the man. There’s no excuse for this… none, and he needs to be punished to the fullest extent of every law that can be thrown at him. I truly believe that punishment and deterants should be harsher for cruelty to animals than assaults on people. They’re all bad but animals are more vulnerable, innocent and can’t defend themselves in court, especially if they’re dead.

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