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Indian families rarely have cats as pets. Is it true? — 2 Comments

  1. Michael, Indian cat owners should thank you for initiating the idea of starting a “Cat Club” through your articles on “P.O.C”.I pursued your idea through “Internet Correspondence” and thankfully came across like minded cat owners with Mr Shree.Nair finally being instrumental in setting up the “Indian Cat Federation” affiliated to the “World Cat Federation” of Germany. “Indian Cat Federation” founded in 2013 had its first cat show in Bangalore in and in 2014 Mumbai. In 2015 it was held in Hyderabad and will be a permanent annual show in various city’s of India.Most Hindu Indians are vegetarians and this is one of the main reasons that cats are less popular as pets compared to dogs.In India its not mainly superstition but simple vegetarian eating habits that makes the cat not as popular as a pet compared to dogs.A dog can be fed a vegetarian diet but definitely not a cat.

    • Thanks Rudolph, I very much appreciate your comment and I’ll add it to the article. It’s great to have first hand knowledge from an experienced cat caretaker in India. I so pleased that the cat fancy got started in India. I think it will help cats generally. I hope so.

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