Indian National Cat Club

by Michael
(London, UK)

It is time for an Indian National Cat Club. Or the National Cat Club of India. It’s time because there is a well established Indian National Kennel Club and a Dog Show Club (is this the same? – not sure). India has purebred cats. But there is neither a cat association to register these cats in India nor a cat club to promote and manage a cat fancy in India.

They can be registered through the International Cat Association (TICA) right now but these purebred cats would probably not meet the requirements for registration of a certain cat breed because they don’t have a registered pedigree (a documented history of parentage going back several generations). Purebred cats in India such as the Persian, perhaps the most common in India, would have to be registered as “household pets” through TICA it seems. Household pets are random bred show cats.

There needs to be a start though. Eventually there will be purebred Persians in India that have a pedigree. I guess someone could import two TICA registered Persians from America and breed from them and register the offspring. That would kick start the process.

In the meantime keepers of purebred cats in India should get together through the internet to form a club.

There is no reason why the club cannot be formed immediately. There are no legal requirements to the formation of a club as far as I am aware. If there are two people that should constitute a club. They can write the rules in basic form and that would start things.

Invitations can then be invited through the internet on social networking sites and standard websites.

The person to contact at present is Rudolph. A. Furtado in Mumbai. He has a website that discusses starting a cat club in India. Rudolph keeps purebred Persians and has shown a purebred dog.

Please leave a comment on his site or this page. This is the right moment for starting the Indian National Cat Club, which would be a much needed sister site to the existing Indian National Kennel Club.

Tabby cat in North East India that could be a household pet show cat
Photo Sukanto Debnath

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Aug 23, 2011 Indian National Cat Club
by: Rudolph.A.furtado

Mr Michael.Broad, thanks for pursuing the cause of starting a “Cat Club” in India. Strange but true, two of the Worlds pedigree cats,”THE BENGAL CAT” and the “BOMBAY CAT” have Indian names but totally unrecognized in their own Country!Cats are definitely popular pets in India and suit the living conditions of the average Indian living in compact flats(Apartments), compared to spacious cottage houses common in Europe and America.I am doing the job of a messenger in trying to spread the importance of starting a “Cat Club” in India.Its now left to individuals and groups to come together and decide on formation of a “”Indian National Cat Club” akin to the “Indian National kennel Club” or “Kennel Club of India”.There are numerous “Registered Dog Clubs” in India, almost one in every metropolitan Indian city but not a single “Cat Club”, absolutely bizarre and perplexing.As they say, “Better late than too late” and hope that cat lovers , owners and breeders wake up to the fact of starting a “Cat Club” in India, something common in most developed and emerging economies.

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Indian National Cat Club — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Mohammed.There was a “Cat Show” held in Bangalore in 2013 under the “Indian cat Federation” affiliated to the “World Cat Federation” based in Germany.Hope they organize “Cat Shows” in other city’s like Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta and Delhi to name our Country’s largest metropolitan city’s.So India has had its first cat show and also its first cat club and only hope it continues every year like “Dog Shows” which is common in every Indian city.

  2. Dear Mr. Rudholph i am Mohamed living in Tamil nadu, india if u are opening a cat club in india inform me sir lets form a group and join together to make our indians to be proud!!!

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