Indiana woman who can’t turn her back on dozens of feral cats is a victim just like the cats

This is about a kindhearted woman living in Fayette County, Indiana who can’t turn her back on feral cats. She has to help but she struggles to cope.

Indiana woman who can't cope with caring for feral cats because there are too many
Indiana woman who admits that she can’t cope with caring for feral cats because there are too many is a victim of the carelessness of others.
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I can’t access the full page because the websites won’t allow me (as I live in Europe and there are oppressive EU regulations on privacy) but I’m seeing a headline which states that a Fayette County, Indiana woman simply can’t turn her back on dozens of feral cats. She has admitted that she can’t cope. She is seeking help. The cats are taking over her yard. She is not a cat hoarder. She is a caring person. She is also a victim just as the cats are of an overpopulation of feral cats.

I think it is useful to recognise the fact that there are many caring, decent and kindhearted people in America who find it distressing to see stray and feral cats struggling to survive near their property. They are compelled to take action. Perhaps they are tormented sometimes by the fact that they know they can’t really help but at the same time they have to see what is going on. This, for me, puts them into the situation of being a victim of the careless mismanagement of domestic cats from whom ultimately all feral cats emanate. It is a form of emotional torture.

Obviusly, feral cats are a product of inadequate domestic cat caretaking. That is the root cause of the problem. So in these instances we have a kindhearted person being the victim of a careless person and the “vector” is the domestic and feral cat.

I don’t like to see it. If a person who is compelled to care as this lady is and then also compelled to ask the help because she can’t cope than they are not hoarders. This is not a cat hoarding woman. This is a rational woman with a kind heart. A kindhearted woman should not have to suffer because of the carelessness of others. We should be treasuring this person. She is an asset to the community. To make her suffer like this is a punishment for her kindheartedness.

P.S. The story that I can’t read may paint a different picture but the underlying point is still made and valid I believe.

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