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  1. My husband and I solved the indoor/outdoor problem for our cats 7 years ago. We live on nearly 3/4 of an acre, and have a huge backyard. We built the ultimate (we feel) catio. It is 7 feet tall (inside height) x 10 feet wide, x 20 feet long. Inside there’s grass, a water fountain, the litter boxes in their own shelter, accessible from outside the catio, and 4 logs(in different angles) for the cats to strop on. We installed a doggie door for the cats to come and go as they wish.Our little dogs love it as well, even though they can go out in the entire yard, as it has a 6 foot privacy fence all around. We have 5 doggie igloos in there as well, and adjustable tarps to create sun and shade.The entire structure is roofed.No rain gets in either, so the cats can go out in any weather. The catio is built with 4×4 posts sunk in concrete, and is double fenced. We live near Prescott, AZ, and do have coyotes in the area, which can jump a 6 foot fence no problem, as well as skunks, but our cats and dogs are perfectly safe when they decide to visit our “outback”. And we do own our property outright.

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