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Influenza outbreak 2018: Be extra vigilent during this potentially deadly flu season — 5 Comments

  1. I should mention the importance of getting enough sleep and eating well in order to reduce the possibility of getting the flu or other respiratory ailment. I though I had quickly thrown off a bout of coughing and sneezing but then I missed most of a night’s sleep due to having to repair a tricky electrical fault which happened at 2 in the morning. The power would be needed later that morning by the technician to find out why my Internet was down. As it turned out the problem was with the Internet provider not my equipment, but next day the cough was back again!

  2. I rarely get a cold or flu, but I got this one, when a friend came to visit, not knowing she was carrying the flu. She had no symptoms until she returned home, and then called to let me know.

    I spent several days in bed, coughing up mucous, and blowing my nose. It has left me very weak and tired. I took Mucinex, which helped a little.

    I’m better now, but not over it. I don’t get flu or pneumonia shots, and doubt if it would have helped. I’ve seen people get very sick following flu shots, so I’m opting out and will continue to take my chances.

    I’m hoping this will provide some immunity for the rest of the season.

    P.S. I always wear gloves when I’m in stores of any kind. I’ve seen people do very inconsiderate things with their germs, after coughing into their hand.

    • The Herbal Expec cough syrup is the best over the counter I’ve found. Most run my blood pressure up or the ones that don’t run it up just don’t work. We use colloidal silver for about any illness we get. I may get the pneumonia shot because I’ve had pneumonia 3 times in 7 years. I almost died from the flu back around 2004 when the wrong strain vaccine was given. I was a cashier and went into work at 3pm and by 7pm I thought I was dying. I havn’t had the flu since then. My ex had taken the vaccine and he was a day behind me getting sick. From what I’ve seen from the 1918 flu and the 2018 flu is people drown in their own lung fluid. So I’m taking the Black Seed lung formula as a preventative and have the other medications on hand just in case because no one wants to go buy medicine when they’re too sick to get out of bed. I even changed my Dr. checkup appointment because it’s so bad.

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