Infographic about the Oriental Shorthair

An infographic about the Oriental Shorthair (shortened to the ‘OSH’). When I think about the Oriental Shorthair I think of an elegant, slender cat with a long face, which is a member of the Siamese cat ‘family’ (a big family 😎). The Oriental Shorthair is basically a contemporary Siamese cat (c.f. the Applehead Siamese) only the OSH can display a wide range of coat types which are accepted by the cat associations. As the infographic states, this cat breed was created through artificial selection to meet a need, I would argue, which is to replicate what exists in Thailand or did exist there when it was called Siam. Although I’m not sure that you can see many Siamese cats in Thailand these days.

Infographic about the Oriental Shorthair
Infographic about the Oriental Shorthair. Prepared by MikeB at PoC using images by Helmi Flick with her express permission and other elements free of copyright restrictions. CLICK FOR A LARGER VERSION.
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The infographic on this page is free to use under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY-SA: Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike License) on condition a link back to the website is provided. Thanks.

In round terms this is a slender, elegant cat with a very close lying coat that looks as if it’s been painted on. The character is that of the contemporary Siamese, which is loyal, vocal, perhaps somewhat demanding but a wonderful cat companion in terms of character which combined with that super elegant appearance appeals to many people.

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