Infographic on 4 reasons why cats love to sit on laptops

4 reasons why cats love to sit on laptops with tips to stop it
4 reasons why cats love to sit on laptops with tips to stop it. Prepared by MikeB. Click to see a larger version.
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Perhaps the more important topic is a little philosophical: should we try and stop cats sitting on laptops? The obvious response is no BUT how do we work or entertain ourselves with laptops? With a bit of difficulty. The answer is to find a nice compromise.

You let your cat come to you when you are at your laptop but prevent them from sitting on it. If they are sitting on it to get your attention, they’ve achieved their goal in any case so they can be moved. And if they want to sit on it to get warm you can fix that one by buying an Amazon heating pad as suggested in the infographic. They’re cheap and effective.

The only downside with the heating pad is hopefully temporary: the inflated cost of energy thanks to that psychopath, Putin. I hope the war will be won against him in the early part of 2023. And that means kicking all the Russian troops out of Ukraine or killing them all.

To return to laptops. The relationship between cats and humans is all about companionship. And in such a relationship there must be compromise. Compromise is the reason for longevity in marriage. And saying ‘Yes, dear’. In the case of cats on laptops, it has to be ‘No, dear’ but in a kindly way.

In the spirit of compromise when your cat wants to interfere with the use of your laptop computer you gently move him away but to a place nearby which is equally good for him/her which means equally warm, and which ideally smells of you. Cats want to scent exchange by lying on us or our things, mainly clothes.

That should be fix the ‘problem’ if you see it like that.

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