Infographic on 5 frauds to look out for in 2023

The UK is full of scammers, fraudsters and thieves. They’ve tried to scam me on hundreds of occasions and succeed once, much to my shame as I am careful and switched on but even the most careful can be careless once. I got my money back ?✔️. In terms of scams and frauds what applies to the UK probably applies at least to a certain extent to other countries in the West. I have added a couple of cat rescue and breeder scams in the list to fit in with the ethos of this website.

The UK government is hopelessly at sea in tackling online fraud. They’ve have lost the plot or washed their hands of it. The police are massively out of their depth. Citizens are on their own. We have to fight our own battles against scammers. Knowledge + ever present vigilance is the response.

Infographic on 'Five frauds to look out for 2023'
Five frauds to look out for 2023. Infographic by MikeB at PoC. It is free to use by anyone under a Creative Commons: ATTRIBUTION-NODERIVS CC BY-ND license with link back please.
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Below are some more examples of pages on scams in relation to cats. If buying a purebred cat/dog use your own contract if you have to. I have one on this site (see link below). There are more pages on scams, one of my pet hates (pardon the pun). Please use the search facility to find them.

Being scammed out of a lot of money is traumatic in at least two ways: it knocks your self-esteem and confidence and makes you more nervous of everyday life and you lose a lot of money to a pain in the backside scammer during a time where living costs are rising rapidly. Disposable incomes are being squeezed. In the UK we need to preserve our hard-earned dosh.

If there is one key piece of advice on protecting from scammers it is this: go slowly, stop and THINK when something new happens to you and it looks dodgy. Never give out credit/debit card details online unless buying from businesses like Amazon. Good luck. The world is not as nice as it used to be I am afraid.


When buying a purebred cat NEVER BE SCAMMED if you do this

Woman scammed out of $2,300 when trying to buy a Russian Blue cat in California

How do you determine a cat rescue is legit or a scam?

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