Infographic on 5 tips for raising better kittens

Although the infographic is by me the content is by Dr Bruce Fogle DVM in his book Complete Cat Care which I heartedly recommend. It is one of the best cat books I have. Why is it good? It is very well written in plain English making it very readable. It is also well illustrated. And above all the advice is as good as it gets due to his vast experience as a veterinarian and author. He is the world’s number one veterinarian/author.

5 tips on raising better kittens
5 tips on raising better kittens. Image: MikeB.
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I am going to have to get on my high horse and lecture which I hate to do but the topic I have chosen leads me to it. Dr. Bruce Fogle DVM provides great advice as mentioned BUT nobody should be breeding cats informally. They do but they shouldn’t. There is no place for it. For every newborn cat there is a counterpart rescue cat at an animal shelter waiting to be adopted Their new home is going to be taken from them by the newborn kitten. I’ve simplified it but the message should be clear.

And the truth is that experienced cat breeders don’t need advice as provided in the Infographic and therefore it is targeted towards informal breeders. I am a little surprised that Dr. Bruce Fogle did it.


As you no doubt know, the most important aspect of breeding cats is probably that sensitive period in development when kids develop their social manners between three and seven weeks of age.

They need to meet members of other species ideally and of course humans. And if they are scheduled to be rehomed with an adopter who lives with other species of animals such as horses and pet rats they should ideally be socialised to those animals before being rehomed.

Being “socialised” means becoming accustomed to having these animals around so they aren’t fearful of them. This points to the simple fact that when a kitten is born their psyche is that of the wild cat ancestor. Socialisation is domestication. If it is completely omitted the breeder raises a feral cat technically if there was no input at all from human or other animal.

Below are some more articles on ‘torture’ breeding. A dramatic phrase coined by the Germans where it is banned.

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