Infographic on advantages and disadvantages of an indoor life for cats

This might be moderately useful for people who are considering adopting a cat and are chewing over their options concerning the more modern way of keeping cats indoors full-time of sticking with the conventional indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Just remember that there are added obligations on cat owners when they keep their cats indoors (think mental stimulation) and that there are hazards inside the home for cats as well as outside. That’s what I have learned over many years of writing about these options.

Infographic on the advantages and disadvantages of full-time indoor living for cats.
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2 thoughts on “Infographic on advantages and disadvantages of an indoor life for cats”

  1. Keeping them indoors is a no-brainer for me. I live in an area with many natural predators, including coyotes and even the occasional bear. And of course the worst predator of them all: automobiles. The number of “missing cat” signs I see is distressing.

    Ensuring that they are physically active and mentally stimulated is the key. Lots of toys, cat furniture, human interaction, and even videos on the TV for them to watch. For cats who are friendly to other cats, there may be no better way to keep them engaged than with another similarly-friendly cat. Watching my 2 cats dart around and play is a real treat.

    • A lot of people agree with you. I do but what I don’t agree with is the way cat owners don’t make their homes more suitable for indoor cats. There are too many bored, banged up indoor cats getting obese. Thanks for sharing. Appreciated.


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